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Cisco SD-WAN Training 

 This, Live, Webex-based Instructor Led course covers all Cisco SD-WAN  concepts from basic to advance level. Instructor-Led means, you are together with the course Instructor in the session and you can ask, discuss any topics live during the course hours. 

This is a live, Webex-Based, 5 days, 20+ hours-long, interactive Cisco SD-WAN Course. For the Video-On-Demand and the cost-effective version of this course, you can click here.

Not only many hours theory and design, but there are more than 12 hours Lab/Configuration in this course to demonstrate different features of Cisco Viptela SD-WAN.

You can rent a server from us and practice all the Labs of this course right away from here. 

When you purchase this course, Self Paced Cisco SD-WAN Training is provided for free.

Cisco SD-WAN Certification Training

Starting from installing certificates on the SD-WAN Controller (VBond, VSmart, VManage), all the way cloud integration, Direct Internet Access, Dynamic Path Selection, Application Based Traffic Engineering, QoS, Forward Error Correction, Deduplication, Zero Touch Provisioning and many other topics are covered from theory and design aspects and demonstrated in a Lab environment. 

You can check the more detailed Course Outline from the below section of this page. 

Please contact with [email protected] for group discounts, corporate trainings and any other non-technical topics.


Cisco sd-wan course


Cisco SD-WAN Course Outline: 

  Below is the content and labs that we will explain in detail in this course:

·      SD-WAN Overview

·      Underlay vs Overlay comparison in Cisco SD-WAN solution

·      Walkthrough the Cisco SD-WAN components

·      Controllers On-Boarding

·      vEdge and cEdge devices On-Boarding

·      Feature and Device Templates (Basic and Advanced template creation)

·      Real Service Provider simulation for IPv4 and MPLS undedrlay connectivity

·      Controllers Redundancy (vBond, vSmart and vManage)

·      Direct Internet Access (DIA) using both Localized and Centralized approaches

·      Static 1:1 NAT and Port Forwarding

·      TLOC Explanation

·      Changing the SD-WAN Fabric Topology (Hub and Spoke as an example)

·      OMP walkthrough and changing the Route attributes

·      Route-Leaking between service VPNs (Extranet)

·      VPN Membership

·      TLOC Extention

·      VRRP configuration

·      Routing protocols configuration (OSPF and BGP) in both Transport and Service side VPNs

·      Redistribution between OMP and other Routing Protocols in Cisco SD-WAN

·      Understanding Centralized vs Localized policies:

Understanding and Implementation of Centralized Policies such as:


o   Application Firewall

o   QoS Data Rules

o   Regional Sites idea and Service Insertion (NGFW service insertion)

o   Traffic Engineering

o   Application Aware Routing (including BFD explanation and configuration in Cisco SD-WAN solution)

Understanding and Implementation of Localized Policies such as:


o   QoS Class-Maps and Schedulers

o   Access Control Lists

o   Route-Policies to be appliend on the Routing protocols such as BGP


·      Understanding and implementation of Clound On-Ramp for SaaS

·      Zone-Based Firewall configuration

 Prerequisite Knowledge:

  • Familiarity with Basics of the routing protocols
  • Familiarity with LAN, WAN and Datacenter basic terminologies such as VLAN, STP, IP, Router, Switch, Firewall etc. 

It includes:

  • 15 hours Live, Webex Sessions with the Instructor
  • 20+ hours, On Demand video trainings
  • SD-WAN Workbook
  •  Lab Config Files
  • Software Images
  • Lifetime access – No subscription charges (New documents frequently are added and you will have them all) !
  • Certificate of Completion – Signed by Orhan Ergun
  • You will be able to access the new content as soon as they are available for this training
  • Skill LeveI Beginner/ Intermediate  to Advanced
  • Language English
  • Led by Navid Yahyapour 

Note: Next Course date:

September 5-9, 2022  Monday – Friday, 6PM – 10 PM UTC+3

Every day will be 3 hours and in total, 15 hours course.

 They will be on Webex and all you need is a silent room and Internet access!. 

(Course timing : 6 pm to 9 pm GMT +3, Istanbul time) 


Course Cost:


(Labs and the Workbooks Included)