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If you are designing enterprise, service provider, even datacenter networks you have to understand BGP route reflector.

You want to know what is hot , cold and mash potato routing.

You want to clearly describe, manage and troubleshoot these concepts.

BGP route reflector are one of the BGP scaling mechanisms,has many pros and cons.

Hot and Cold Potato routing is used together with the IGP Protocols.

You can save or loose money by carrying traffic optimally or sub optimally. I wrote an article for the packetpushers about Potato routing, also BGP Route Reflector design considerations are explained in the article.

There are many different routing mechanisms for different applications; IGP routing, Segment routing, Onion routing, Proximity based routing, Mac Routing and so on.


If you think that I should cover all of the above routing mechanisms in a separate post, let me know.



    • Thanks Roy.I planned a comprehensive BGP, BGP RR, Hot and Col potato routing design explanations with a lot of examples, But as you know I was on vacation. Today I am going back so things can start.

      CCDE class will start in 10 days too 🙂

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