CCDE Practical Exam Blueprint

What is in the CCDE Practical exam blueprint ?

If you passed CCDE Written ( 352-001 ) already, practical exam is the only barrier between you and certificate !

Below blueprint is the first step for your CCDE journey.

You will know that what are the concepts which you need to be an expert !

If you are still considering whether you will continue with the CCDE or another track ?

Maybe CCIE DC ?

I am receiving this question quite often !

Should I study for CCIE DC or CCDE ?

If you are about to decide CCDE, you need to pass CCDE Written exam first !

You can access CCDE Written exam ( 352-001 ) blueprint from here. is the most comprehensive website on the internet for the Cisco Certified Design Expert ( CCDE ) exam.
If you can’t find specific topic in the website, please share in the comment.

Also note that I worked with Cisco to reorganise the CCDE Written recommended resources.

It is much shorter, streamlined now !


You can reach it from here.

CCDE Practical Exam v2.0 Blueprint

1 Analyze design requirements

1.01 Analyze business requirements, conflicts, and constraints

  1. 1.01.1  Op-Ex and Cap-Ex
  2. 1.01.2  Project goals
  3. 1.01.3  Lifecycle and return on investment (ROI)
  4. 1.01.4  Business environment
  5. 1.01.5  Compliance and policy

1.02 Analyze technical requirements, conflicts, and constraints

  1. 1.02.1  Application requirements
  2. 1.02.2  Compliance and policy

1.03 Analyze physical requirements

  1. 1.03.1  Topology implications
  2. 1.03.2  Operational requirements
  3. 1.03.3  Analyze business and technical risks

1.04 Analyze existing network

  1. 1.04.1  Network documentation
  2. 1.04.2  Network infrastructure and its impact on network design

2 Develop network designs

2.01 Identify the technology to resolve a specific design problem

  1. 2.01.1  Functional specifications
  2. 2.01.2  Network designs
  3. 2.01.3  Operational considerations

2.02 Analyze the impact on the existing network and services

  1. 2.02.1  Functional specifications
  2. 2.02.2  Network designs
  3. 2.02.3  Operational considerations

2.03 Incorporate best practices within the network design

  1. 2.03.1  Avoidance of over-engineering
  2. 2.03.2  Consistent and modularized solution sets throughout the network
  3. 2.03.3  Industry best practices

2.04 Incorporate business requirements within the network design

  1. 2.04.1  Op-Ex and Cap-Ex
  2. 2.04.2  Lifecycle and return on investment (ROI)
  3. 2.04.3  Compliance and policy

3 Implement network design

3.01 Analyze implementation options

  1. 3.01.1  Impact on design
  2. 3.01.2  Impact on performance, availability, and network management
  3. 3.01.3  Impact on the business
  4. 3.01.4  Risk and consequence for a given implementation plan

3.02 Design and implementation plan

  1. 3.02.1  Interdependencies between services, failure domains, and other architectural elements
  2. 3.02.2  Implementation timeline and steps
  3. 3.02.3  Contingency plans for network restoration

4 Validate and optimize network design

4.01 Analyze design choices based on specifications

  1. 4.01.1  Impact of implementing changes to the original design
  2. 4.01.2  Impact of different design solutions created by new drivers

4.02 Validate design

  1. 4.02.1  Test strategy
  2. 4.02.2  Performance metrics and baselines

4.03 Optimize design

4.03.1 KPI 4.03.2 Baselines

What do you think ? Will you start to your CCDE preparation ? I will be your always helper , don’t worry !

But let me know in the comments box below !

8 Replies to “CCDE Practical Exam Blueprint”

  1. Firstly I would thank you because this the first place where I found this kind of information about CCDE.

    Actually CCDE is my big dream it shows and profs how the network engineer can build and design high quality network.

    I still on the first of the road I passed CCNP route v1 exam and working to finish the other ones then I will go ahead to CCDA and CCNP Arch, and here i need your recommendation. Should I get some CCNA experience in different sectors like security and Datacenter then move to CCDA or I can move to it directly after finishing the CCNP.

    Thank you

    1. When you come to CCDE level, you will notice that every piece of experience, knowledge will be important for you.
      Probably ITIL, PMP would be beneficial before top level design exam.
      In your case, since you started already and passed the first exam, continue and finish the CCNP.
      Then understand the datacenter and security operations by studying on CCNA DC,Sec.
      Meanwhile try to get hands-on experience and stay away from everything that keep you away from studying 🙂
      Welcome to website, have fun !

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