IPv6 Design in the Enterprise

ipv6A month ago, I talked with Jeff Doyle about IPv6 Network design in the Enterprise.We strongly advised Enterprise companies to start considering IPv6 deployment.

Below were the subjects.Click here to listen.



  • Why IPv6 in the Enterprise, Real business drivers for the IPv6 in the Enterprise ?
  • Jeff Doyle’s advices to Service Providers
  • IPv6 Addressing Plan
  • IPv6 Design Alternatives for the Enterprises
  1. Starting from Core of the Network
  2. Starting from Edge of the Network
  3. Starting from the Internet Edge
  • Also Jeff Doyle announced that his new book about Software Defined Networking will be published soon. We are planning to talk his new books on the packetpushers podcast and you will be informed from orhanergun.net

2 Replies to “IPv6 Design in the Enterprise”

    1. @Bassel
      You need to know your environment very well in the first place. You need to do readiness assessment. If you listened this podcast, both Jeff and I suggest this for Enterprise deployments as well.
      Not only routers, switches, network service devices but also you should check whether your application supports IPv6.
      This can take time and all the effort should be done by all the stockholders.
      This is not just Network team’s project, it is security, systems, application, storage,virtualisation , I mean all IT but more than that business should be aware about the projects.

      In the case of deployments; we have still three methods in general.

      You either start your deployment from the edge and enable IPv6 towards to the core.
      Or you can start deploy on the core devices and extend your IPv6 domain up to the edge.
      Or you can choose PIN (Place in the Network), and in general Internet edge is selected and start your first roll out at the Internet Edge.
      The reason for deploying IPv6 at the Internet Edge first is; business continuity.
      If you didn’t listen podcast yet,definitely recommend you.
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