Do you really need Network Training ?

Certification is cool, opens the door to new companies, positions , maybe to the better roles,you can proud that you have CCIE, JNCIE and so on.

Cisco , Juniper , HP, every major companies have certification program and network training is a big business. We all know that !

Have you ever asked yourself, Do you really need Network training ?

I receive this question quiet often.

Orhan , What is your advice, which network training I should take ?

Which network training company would you recommend ?

Let me tell you my training story as a student.

I attended only two network trainings in my entire career.

First one was CCNA and the second one is CCIE Routing and Switching, of course CCIE RS was after many years than CCNA.

When I started to the CCNA course, trainer allowed me to access to the switch CLI through telnet, wow !

I was felling like I am a part of a team which builds rockets !

CCNA Training

Cool , I finished CCNA training , now I can go to my company and start to configure something new out there !

Where will I test all those things otherwise !

I had even learned How to create a VLAN !

Although the company which i worked had tons of VLANs , I couldn’t miss the opportunity to create one more VLAN and assign my switch port to  it !

All are good, right?

But the problem I had no idea why I would do that ?

Why VLANs  really need to be created in the first place ?

After couple of years, I decided to take a CCIE Training, same story would be starting over again.

I used to think that I am achieving big things ! Two , three, even ten router in a topology.

I could create a topology with ten routers, less than an hour I could configure all the routing protocols, give host name to them , you name it !

I could even redistribute two routing protocols and prevent routing loops, choose optimal path ( Although I was not learning what does optimal path mean )

I couldn’t wait to redistribute full BGP routing table to OSPF in my company !

This is the truth ! I would do that without regret but I didn’t know that I should search for a job before redistributing full BGP table into OSPF !

I was not told how it can be dangerous because we were so busy with configuring OSPF , creating route-maps …

The question i should have asked WHY do I need to redistribute BGP into OSPF ?

Why I should create multi level IS-IS topology, rather than configuring ‘ L1 ‘ or ‘ L2 ‘ links.

Why should I use EIGRP or OSPF in DMVPN topology ?

Why I pay money for Network training to configure something ?

Why still they steal my time to teach RIP, Ah yes it is in the some blueprints !

I could use GNS3 , Dynamips or configure them in my home labs if I can afford it.

I don’t want to configure something in the class, teach me how to build a topology on GNS3 in couple hours, then I go to home and configure what I want , How long I need.

Let’s use our time in the class much more effective !

Teach me the reason, don’t make me configuration junkie !

So, I don’t say that you shouldn’t attend to Network training but make sure How they teach those technologies.

IF you can use the online or in person training class,  to verify what you configured at home, to learn what you couldn’t understand, to get an answer your real life networking challenge. Only then;


So, Do you think that network training should be received from the company or blogs, books , videos are good enough ?

Share your insights in the comment box below !

6 Replies to “Do you really need Network Training ?”

  1. It really depends on the trainer. If you are lucky and your trainer has a huge practical experience (meaning that he is teaching among other things) you can learn a lot from him (even on a topics not included in the training content). Yes, sometimes you have to ask him directly.
    But if you happen upon to a “academic guy” without any practice than reading the training guide and doing some “GNS simulations” – yes, you’ll waste your time and money. You could read the guide by yourself at home.
    Of course, there are some exclusions from the above, but rare.

    1. Agree.It depends on trainer. His capacity , understanding the technologies , experience with them. You may not know what should you ask even but He should tell you the storey behind the technologies.What should be and what I try to do in my CCDE classes is exactly this.By the way I saw that you joined to CCDE Google Group since I approved it, hope I can help you for your journey.

    2. Orhan this is a very interesting topic, Why do I need a network training? First and foremost, I stayed in the house to pass both my ccna and ccnp test with video training from good vendors. I realised some of this guys who teaches various technologies are not even certified neither do they have any real world experience. I have build my self some pretty good labs, spent some decent amount of money buying used cisco equipment from ebay. I have realised one thing that I was missing how do I integrate all the things I have learn into design, how do I ace my first networking job the questions go on and on. In today’s networking world most companies seems to ask a lot of questions about designing and architecturing questions when you go for interviews. I have realised one thing that you cannot just study. To be a network architect and Designer like you, one needs to be be mentored. I may be wrong but that is my perspective. To wrap up with my ideas, I think the best way to get train is to go through some get of apprenticeship from a well trained engineer who knows the practical and the theoretical intricacies in networking and for that matter it will make sense in getting a training in networking. Thank you.

      1. Hi Ben. Thanks for comment and I agree with you. You need an experience and you should always ask correct questions. You should understand why you are doing the things which you do, IMHO. Please continue commenting,excellent points !!

  2. I agree with you that many of training institute not teach you the whole thing and you complete the course with limited information. Despite of paying so much fees for the course if you are not getting enough knowledge then its not worth it.
    I would suggest look for the review of the training centre before you decide to join it.

    1. If the training center provides this kind of review and the trainers have a good reputation,then everything is fine.But still I don’t want to see that students try to configure something in the class and pay money for that. Learn the theory,understand the do and don’t , the reasons and best practices.
      Verification can be done at home too.

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