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I am very pleased to announce that my student Hamed Zolghadri passed the CCDE Practical exam in February, and now he has joined the CCDE club


 Many other students scheduled their CCDE Practical exam in May 2015. And of course, I would be very pleased to disclose the names of students who passed the CCDE Practical exam on this website.

In the CCDE training class, I will explain different types of technologies.

Of course, not all of the students have the same level of knowledge.

Because of that, I will cover the theory part of the technologies as well.

Some students have informed me that they like my mini-network design scenarios. To see an example, click here.

I will ask you some questions; after that, we shall discuss them in the class.

I will send the questions to you after each session. In addition, I will send additional study materials related to that session to you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email.

To view students’ feedbacks, click here.

I will not deny the value of CCDE bootcamp, but what I will do is not limited to few days, like in the case of bootcamps.

CCDE requires much study time before students can understand, verify, observe, and have cognate experience in the technologies.

That is why I don’t call it CCDE bootcamp; however, what I do is CCDE Training.

It is an online session, so you don’t have to travel!

Also, you don’t have to pay for hotels, flight, or other miscellaneous expenses!

All sessions are recorded so that students can download and view them offline.

The class duration is two months.

Students can join the class at their preferred time or at their convenient schedule until they pass the CCDE Practical exam!

I will continue to assist you until you pass the exam. Of course, when you pass the exam, you won’t forget me.

You will get an invoice for the CCDE training course because many students supported by companies usually demand for an evidence of payment, which is the invoice.



Layer 2 Technologies

Spanning Tree Design


First Hop Redundancy Protocols Design


Layer 2 and Layer 3 Access Design

Datacenter access and distribution design


General Routing Theory





MPLS and Applications

Layer 2 MPLS VPN

  • Draft Martini
  • Draft Kompela

Layer 3 MPLS VPN

Inter-AS VPNs

  • Option A, B , C

MPLS Traffic Engineering

  • Explicit Path Routing
  • MPLS Fast Reroute
  • IP Fast Reroute

Carrier Supporting Carrier

Network Overlays 


DMVPN Design






Campus Qos Design

Service Provider QoS Design

Datacenter Qos Design


The next class will start in the beginning of April.

This is the most respectful vendor agnostic networking certificate. If you have further questions, feel free to send me an email at

17 Replies to “CCDE Training”

    1. @Nizami I updated the post, not only cost, but also duration and other information has been asked and I answered them too.Hope to see you with us in March !

  1. Hi Orhan,

    You should also post that current CCDE’s have the opportunity to join your class in order to refresh their knowledge. I think this is a valuable service as you forget some things when you don’t use them often. I wouldn’t mind refreshing on in-depth CsC and Inter-AS technologies and options.

    1. Excellent point Dana. I updated the post accordingly and mentioned that existing CCDEs join to my class.
      New class will start by the beginning of March,so if your schedule fits,please welcome.

    1. Hi Mark, you are right, there is no official one.But in my opinion so far CCDP Arch by John Tiso is nice.

      Also CCDE Study Guide from Marwan will come out also my CCDE workbook will be helpful too ( I am still working on it , I will provide only in my CCDE classes initially ).

  2. Hi Orhan, I have CCNP R&S with 3 years experience in medium buiseness Data center design, can I go to CCDE directly without passing CCDA and CCDP?

    1. Hi Mohammad,

      You don’t have to get CCDA or CCDP to attempt a CCDE Practical exam, however you have to pass CCDE Written exam. You can find a lot of information about CCDE Written exam as well on the site such as CCDE Written preparation resources.


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