Introduction to Network Design, Pre-CCDE Training

I am going to start an ONLINE Pre-CCDE  preparation course in Mid of April

I realized that many people is not ready to start study CCDE study and they don’t know what they study before attend a CCDE Training or Bootcamps.

Course will cover network design principles,theory of the; IGP, BGP, MPLS, VPNs, Qos, Multicast and Security concepts and basic design principles of ALL these technologies.

If you are not familiar with Service Provider concepts, if you are not very good at Routing Switching and Datacenter Network design , then this course is for you.

Intend of this course to prepare the network engineers to CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert) exam.It will definitely be helpful for the CCDA,CCDP and CCIE exams too.

I want every network engineers to take this course thus I make it available for 499 usd only !!

We will have 6 hours every week and it will take around one month.

I will refer you to extra preparation resources so you will know what should you study to make your study much more efficient.

You will have clear roadmap to CCDE preparation.

Send me an email for registration now !

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5 Replies to “Introduction to Network Design, Pre-CCDE Training”

  1. Hi Orhan is a pleasure, I am expecting my offer letter by the close of the week. I will be in your class for the ccde preparation training which cost 499. Like I told I have been given the whole Internal network to redesign and control it. Now you have to train me and give me more advice on how to do the design and all the best practices. I am ready for the journey so please help. I will let you know once i get my offer letter. Thank you very much and hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Hi Orhan, @ present i am preparing for my CCIE R&S Lab exam . I ‘m very much intersted doing Pre-CCDE Training . Pl can you post future trainings for both Pre-CCDE Training a so that i can plan accordingly in next 6 months.


    1. Hi Gopal , I don’t think to do anymore pre-ccde , It was one time favour for my readers. In July will be a CCDE class , as always it will be a comprehensive , and for the senior guys.
      If you have a CCIE level knowledge ( not necessarily be a certified !! I known guys who are CCDE without CCIE or etc ) consider CCDE.

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