orhanergun.net February 2015 Site Statistics

As a blog which mostly share network design articles and only launched less than 2 months before, traffic to orhanergun.net surprised me.

Let’s see the page views,top articles,  top countries and top commenters.

I am planning to advertise statistics every month, so you can see how the site which you follow/like performs.

Statistics show only February 1 – March 1.(28 days)


orhanergun.net february page views

I got the statistics from Google Analytics.

As you can see, almost 20000 page views in February. We will make it 30000 in March. I will  write an article and you will read, promise ?



orhanergun.net top 5 articles


Home page receives a lot. Segment routing is the second one with 1380 views.


orhanergun.net top 10 countries



orhanergun.net TOP 6 commenters

It seems I am commenting  more than everyone 🙂

Thanks to all of you ! I hope I can share much more useful articles, videos with you.

Congratulations !!

10 Replies to “orhanergun.net February 2015 Site Statistics”

  1. I am not surprised as your website helps us to learn and share idea and you are proactive to reply.
    wish you the best.

    Keep going !!!

  2. Nice GUI drilldown on overall subscribers, efforts always shown i learn alot from your blog Sir. but i am miss my name in comments:) may next time may after 13 April…

  3. Hey, I´m happy to be in top 5 commenters, jaja!, anyway, I’ve been following packetpusher podcasts, recently I listened the IPv6 podcast with Jeff Doyle (great content by the way), but actually I found your blog after a PE-CE routing protocol related search on google, so congratulations Orhan and the only thing I can ask you is, don’t stop posting! 🙂

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