What is your opinion about the new blog design ?

As you might notice I changed the blog design, and I want your feedback about the new design from all the points (speed, simplicity, look and feel,etc…).

Your suggestion and feedback is highly appreciated to enhance the blog.

Did you like it ? Was the old design better ?

Based on the comments we will continue with this or we will revert back to the old design.

Leave your opinion,suggestions in the comment box below please.

20 Replies to “What is your opinion about the new blog design ?”

  1. The design is great, a lot cleaner.
    However, please remove the subscription pop-up…. Or at least control it with cookies so that we that already have subscribed dont have to see it every time….

  2. my comment is the same as others, nice and clean, subscription pop up to be controlled.

    By the way great work with the design posts, you’re the only one I know who has dedicated blog posts on design.

    It’s very important people understand design before they understand the cli commands and low level properties of each protocols.

    I’m a firm believer in top down approach as opposed to working from the ground up. Although I’m one who has been working from the ground up, I’ve learned that a lot of wasted effort could’ve been avoided if worked too down.

    Having said that I think that this should apply to studying about networking and while working it should be ground up.

    1. thanks Daniel for the feedback, it seems people like this design. If anyone has other suggestions which make the site more useful to broader audience, comment is always welcome you know that

  3. Hi Orhan,

    I think the template and structure looks good.

    I really think your site has a lot of potential, the content is unique and you are a well respected figure in the community.

    A few things to improve in my personal opinion

    – Check the tags. e.g. CCDE training – no apparent blogs on your actual CCDE training offerings. Also I think maybe there are slightly too many tags

    – Subscription popups. I think remove them entirely.

    – The quiz is a brilliant idea and I think it is one of the main things that will bring people to your site – however I think it needs more effort on it. The results output doesn’t look good – the Answers Provided vs Correct Answer is a little hard to read when there are lots of long entries at a glance.

    I’m taking my CCIE SP written exam tomorrow and hopefully i’ll take the lab this year. CCDE is certainly on my long term plan and, who knows, maybe by then you will have your own CCDE training school!

    Best of luck.


    1. Jamie,thanks for excellent feedback.Let me inform you for the action which I will take on those:
      1. Tags : Particularly for the CCDE Training , there is a post on that,do I miss something here ?
      2. Subscription Popups : At least 10 people complained about those recently so I already removed one of them, other shouldn’t appear to same user within 15 days even if the user is not subscribed. If you are an email subscriber but still you are getting a message please let me know, so since there is no additional tuning, I remove that plugin.
      3.Just today another reader complained about the result page,I will check how I can optimise it before publishing a new Test,maybe within a table,or at least in more structured way.

      Hope you pass your SP as soon as possible and we study together in one of my class !

      1. Orhan – you are right there are the details of the training. I expected them to be in a separate post from the Congratulations post to your student.

        Thanks for your comments!

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