April CCDE Training class is going to start tomorrow

I am glad and excited to announce that my April 2015 online CCDE class will start tomorrow ( 07/04/2015) with 10 great guys.

As I promised to them I limited to class to 10 , so everybody can ask as much as questions, join the discussions and share their comments.

I will share their success stories in the exam and their testimonials about the course on the site, hopefully soon.

I am planning to open next course in Jun but first I want to focus on April class.

I want everyone in the class to pass the exam for sure but more importantly while having fun with the discussions , learning new tricks, getting familiarity with the design best practices, understanding the philosophy of the networking together will be an excellent experience.

With this post, I wish good luck for everyone who will attend the CCDE practical exam in May 2015.

What about you ? 

Are you planning to attend the exam in May or August 2015 ?

Would you come to the training class if I open it at the end of Jun 2015 ?

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  1. Exam date not yet taken. But I would like to go for this training. Kindly share the timing for the online course,

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