Orhan Ergun July 2015 CCDE Training

Attention CCDE Practical & CCIE Career Track Candidates!

I am pleased to announce that my next online WebEx CCDE live stream training will begin on July 20th, 2015.
This class will be recorded and distributed to all students for their future review.

This class will not only help CCDE students pass their practical exam, but also aid CCIE candidates fill in knowledge gaps and further their understand of technical concepts and theory.

Course will be delivered over a one month period, 3 days a week, 3 hours per session.
This is to allow the student to digest the information as well as work through the topics presented.
This approach not only aids in your retention of the information presented, but is also HIGHLY cost effective since ancillary training costs (travel and lodging) are nil.
Students may also take future CCDE offerings free of charge until they pass their CCDE.

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What is covered ?

Real life design approaches, case studies and examples of technology topics.
Mini Design scenarios which will enable you to understand the drawbacks and limitations of various design approaches and goals.
How to minimize and mitigate these drawbacks and limitations (key component of achieving the CCDE).
Clear and concise theoretical explanations of the below technology topics.
At the conclusion of the course we will walk through two simulated CCDE Practical Exercise
One Full length ENTERPRISE design scenario similar to what’s found on the CCDE practical Exam.

Layer 2 Technologies

Spanning Tree Design


First Hop Redundancy Protocols Design


Layer 2 and Layer 3 ( Routed ) Access Design

PB, PBB, SPB,PBB-TE and the Service Provider Access Networks


General Routing Theory

Redistribution, Link State and Distance Vector Protocol Behaviors


EIGRP Theory , EIGRP Design Best Practices , EIGRP Fast Convergence, Scalability and Fast Reroute
Overlay Technologies and EIGRP ( Gre, mGRE, DMVPN, LISP )
EIGRP in the Datacenter, Enterprise and Service Provider Networks


OSPF Theory, OSPF Design Best Practices , OSPF Fast Convergence, Scalability.
Multi Area OSPF Design , Fast Reroute with OSPF
Overlay Technologies and OSPF ( GRE, mGRE, DMVPN, LISP )
OSPF in the Datacenter, Enterprise and Service Provider Networks


IS-IS Theory , IS-IS Design Best Practices , IS-IS Fast Convergence , Scalability.
Multi Level IS-IS Design , Fast Reroute with IS-IS.
Overlay Technologies and IS-IS ( GRE, mGRE, DMVPN, LISP ).
IS-IS in the Datacenter, Enterprise and Service Provider Networks


BGP Theory, IBGP , EBGP, Principles of Hot and Cold Potato Routing.
IBGP Route Reflectors and EBGP Route Servers Design.
BGP and IGP Interaction, BGP and MPLS Interaction.
BGP Policies and their Global Effect.
BGP Fast Re-route, BGP PIC ( Prefix Independent Convergence),BGP Control Plane Convergence.
BGP Scalability

MPLS and Applications

Tunnels, Pseudowires, Encapsulation, LSP, LSP Hiearchy,Unidirectional and Bidirectional LSPs, Point to Point and Point to Multipoint LSPs.

Layer 2 MPLS VPNs

Layer 2 MPLS VPN Scalability
Layer 2 MPLS VPN Convergence

Layer 3 MPLS VPN

Layer 2 vs Layer 3 VPNs
Multicast over MPLS Layer 3 VPNs
Qos over MPLS Layer 3 VPNs

Inter-AS MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs

Option A, B , C

Carrier Supporting Carrier Architecture

MPLS Transport Profile

Seamless and Unified MPLS Architecture

MPLS TP vs PBB-TE vs OTN vs IP/MPLS vs other Transport approaches in Access,Aggregation and Core Networks.

Segment Routing

MPLS Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering Principles, Admission Control, RSVP, Traffic Engineering without MPLS
Explicit Path Routing aka Source Routing
MPLS Fast Reroute
MPLS, IP and Segment Routing Fast Reroute


QoS Theory, Intserv and Diffserv Architecture, Weakness and Strengths of QoS
QoS on the Internet
Campus Qos Design
Service Provider QoS Design
All of the above is included in this course at an economical and affordable price, delivered to your desktop, and in the comfort of your own home.
Registration Deadline July 15th so please contact me today to reserve your seat (seats are limited).

Cost: $2995 usd

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    1. Hi Muhteremonair , Sorry I assumed that it is known , cost is 3K usd. But until end of May will be 15{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e} discount so it will be 2500usd.

        1. Hi @amitrt , yes will come, we have been evaluating different video platforms, I receive so much feedback about content. People say video quality is not so nice but content is so unique and nice. then the problem is video 🙂


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    1. Hi Edgar , yes I am planning it but good news is I finished my CCDE Practical workbook and shared with my July class. They liked it and found very useful. It will be publicly sold along side with all my CCDE video recordings. You can purchase them as a bundle. Send me an email via orhansbey@hotmail.com

  2. hi Orhanergun,
    are you will doing that class again ,as i want to participate
    so i want to know the timing of the new class and the fees
    waiting to hear from you

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