CCDE Practical Training Demo Video

I have been delivering CCDE practical training for quite some time. Couple months ago I have started a survey for my CCDE training. 134 people voted and here is the results.

ccde practical class

From the votes as I understand, many people have been looking for a demo, sample videos from my CCDE practical training class.

Below is the half an hour CCDE Practical demo video from my CCDE training. Let me know if you would like to see more sample videos like this, write something in the comment box below 🙂

Almost always there are multiple correct network designs for the given business requirements/technical constraints. But some of them may not be optimal and one will be always most optimal.

Our goal is to find the most optimal one while taking the all constraints into an account. In this short, brief video you will see only a one example but throughout the class of course many of them are covered.

I hope you enjoy with this video and I would like to see all of you in the upcoming 2015 July Online CCDE class.



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