CCIE Data Center v2.0

If you’re studying for the CCIE Data center v.10 exam, it’ll be available until July 2016, after which time the recently announced CCIE DC v2.0 exam will take its place.

CCIE DC v2.0 will no longer include

  • Data Center application high availability and load balancing : ACE and WAAS.
  • Fiver Channel over IP

The following topics have been added to the CCIE DC v2.0 exam:

  • Implement and Troubleshoot Data Center Automation
  • Implement and Troubleshoot Data Center Orchestration Tools
  • Integrate Cisco Cloud Offerings into existing Data Center Infrastructure

New technologies now covered by the CCIE Data center exam include ACI, LISP, EVPN, and VxLAN. Hardware also takes a more prominent role and includes: Cisco Nexus 9300, Nexus 5600, Nexus 2300 Fabric Extender, UCS 4300 M Series Servers and APIC Cluster.See the below table for comparison CCIE Data center v1.0 and CCIE Data center v2.0.

See the table below for comparison between CCIE Data center v1.0 and v2.0 :

ccie data center new version

source :

A new Evolving Technologies domain will be added to the CCIE data center v2.0 exam. The section focuses on three subdomains: the Internet of Things, Network Programmability and the Cloud.

The format of the CCIE data center v2.0 lab exam is significantly different from the format of previous versions.

As part of a 60-minute diagnostic module (not included in the v1.0 exam), you will be provided with network topology diagrams, email-threads, console put and logs from which you have to find the root cause of a given issue, without device access.

This is very similar to CCDE Lab exam format, in which you’re also provided with network topology diagrams, email threads and different types of business and technical information. In this case, however, rather than troubleshooting, your task is to find the optimal design.

In order to pass the exam you must pass both the Diagnostic and the Troubleshooting & Configuration modules. In addition, the sum of the scores for both modules must be higher than the minimum value of the combined score.

CCIE Data Center Written and Lab Exam Content Updates :

ccie data center updates            source :

You still have plenty of time to prepare for the new version. And, until July 22, 2016, you also have the option of taking the older version of the CCIE data center exam. CCIE Data center v2.0 will be available from July 25, 2016.

These dates also apply to the CCIE data center written exam.

If you’re not sure whether you should start studying CCIE Data center or the CCDE exam and you’d like to join our discussion, please feel free to add your thoughts and questions to our comments section.

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