Free CCDE Workbook Winners!

Last week I sent a below questions and asked the optimal place for an OSPF ABR (Area Border Router). There was a high level of participation. Thanks everyone who shared their thoughts. Hopefully they didn’t do it only for a free CCDE Workbook prize 🙂


CCDE WorkbookAnswer is Router G or H because

Between Router A and Router B there are 1800 different paths. (5×6)x2(5×6). If we would put all of them in a same area we would have flooding, convergence,resource utilization and troubleshooting problems.

If we turn one of the middle routers as an ABR, we will have only 32 paths max. (5×6) +2

I promised to share the CCDE Workbook for free with the first 5 correct answers and today I sent the book to the below winners.

In the CCDE Study book which I sent there is more detailed explanation of above question and many case studies.

 Raheel Hasan

Stephane Atangana

Mohammad Khalil

Maikel van der Roest

Riccardo Salbego


There will be other discussions and prizes soon. Stay tuned and please participate to the new Forums and Register to the site , let’s stay close 🙂

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