November CCDE Achievers

I am very proud to announce that Daniel Lardeux, Johnny Britt and Mohammad Haddad passed the CCDE Practical exam yesterday and they joined the CCDE Club, which is one of the most respected IT certifications.

Their CCDE numbers will arrive in a couple of days.

See the existing Global List of the CCDEs, their companies and numbers here. If you are not in the list, have changed your company or want to be on the list, contact me.

Daniel and Mohammad joined my July class and Johnny used the CCDE Practical preparation bundle.

I would like to stress that four guys from my class or using my preparation resources attempted the November 2015 CCDE Practical exam and three of them passed! A 75{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e} success rate is not a small thing for this certification.

They all glad that they have not only learned the CCDE-related topics but also the real life network design.

Below is Daniel thought’s about my class:

I attended the CCDE Class in April of 2015, and it was exactly what I needed.

Orhan took the time to break down the different technologies. Very useful, even for everyday work, and really helpful.

Time spent at the CCDE Class was also very incisive, showing me how to attack the exam.

Thank you Orhan with who I have been in contact throughout this quest. He always made himself available to answer any questions I had.

He is instrumental in my learning and helping me prepare for the CCDE, which is one of the most rigorous Network Design exams in the industry,

Thanks again Orhan.

Daniel Lardeux

Senior Network Consultant at Post Telecom PSF



If you would like to gain CCDE certification and also learn computer network design from the best, my recommendation is to get my CCDE preparation bundle, which consists of 60+ hours of videos, a CCDE practical workbook and attend the next CCDE class, which will be held in January.



Please note that there are many critical extra study resources that I recommend you study in my CCDE study book; that’s why it takes time to finish them before joining the class.

My videos are recorded from the class sessions, so you won’t see my face and you won’t see the student’s questions. That’s why joining the online class is important, in my opinion. Also, a video that will help you more focus will be available in a month (It will show my pretty face!).

The purpose of the recorded class videos in the CCDE Practical bundle is to give you an idea about real life design and CCDE exam.

In addition, you will find our talk with Russ White, who regularly joins as a guest in my class to help the students, in those videos.

You can register for the next CCDE class now. Early registration will give you a discount. I always limit the seats so that I can interact with my students better; that’s why I had to reject so many people in the past.

And I am serious: I am not saying this for marketing. That’s someone else’s job! WE are a designer only and if you want to be one too, send an email to

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    1. Thanks Jerome. Glad you liked them. I am here to help people to achieve their dream. It can be having a design certificate , real life knowledge, creating a strategy for long term etc, making an interview with them to show their strengths and weaknesses and so on..

  1. Although i didn’t attended your class i followed closely your blog and articles, your approach and technical dept were also important for my certification.

    Thank you Orhan, and keep up the good work!

    Nuno Marques CCDE#2015::47

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