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Understanding everything about routing design is no brainer, especially if you have the chart below on your wall.

The table below highlights the pros and cons of each routing protocol. Of course, you need to consider the design attributes shown in Figure A before embarking on routing design.

Should you like the comparison of the routing protocols illustrated in the table below or should you want to see similar comparison for other technologies, feel free to add your comment in the comment section.

Another boon for all my readers!

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Figure A: Comparison of Routing Protocols

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  • Mark Osborne

    Do you have the CCDE written study guide? Cisco does not.

    • Hi @Mark , please check the subscription plans , my workbook exactly serves for that purpose. I have couple other books and the CCDE videos in yearly subscription package.

  • Awesome post, Orhan. Just purchased your membership plan and I like everything about it, especially the CCDE workbook.