April 2016 CCDE Bootcamp

CCDE Bootcamp – This is an Online Cisco CCDE exam preparation training.

Probably you all know the success of Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamps and how it has been helping so many engineer become a better network engineer/designer. If you don’t know, please just take a tour on the website. Check the Success Stories, Why Orhan and the Sample Videos.

Let’s continue to our journey with the April 2016 CCDE class.

Please note that, there is a 20{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e} discount for the early registrations. February 15 is the last day.

Come and learn the network design from the best !


Module #1 Introduction to CCDE exam

This module teaches you CCDE exam structucture, explaining the blueprint , tips and tricks.

Covers the CCDE Job tasks and Task Domains and provides general network design best practices.

Module #2 Layer 2 Technologies

In this course you will learn the things you will ever use. All the layer 2 technologies in the Local area network , Datacenter and Service Provider networks are explained.

Module #3 IGP Design

Learning network git isn’t something that happens overnight. That’s why this course includes quiz questions at the end of every lesson, helping you remember the important stuff. OSPF, EIGRP , IS-IS is explained in great detail with many real life case studies.

Module #4 Multicast Design

If you are looking for efficiency in your network , you have to understand Multicast routing and switching.In this module most important multicast technologies are covered.

Module #5 Quality of Service Design

Like or not Quality of Service is important part of the CCDE exam so you have to understand the QoS impact on the network , design best practices and deployment scenarios in the Local Area, Datacenter and Service Provider networks end to end.

Module #6 BGP Design

Doesn’t matter if you are an Enterprise or Service Provider network engineer. You have to understand BGP very well to pass the CCDE exam and be a good designer. IGBP , EBGP, Router Reflectors, Confederations and many more tools for BGP design is explained in this module.

Module #7 MPLS Design

Most important CCDE topics , thats why longest module in the entire course. Spend some time after the course with my recommended resource list which I provide in the videos.

Module #8 CCDE Enterprise Design Scenario

Two hours comprehensive design scenario which is prepared by Russ White and Orhan Ergun. This module is critical to understand the format of the real CCDE exam and the questions.

Module #9 CCDE Service Provider Design Scenario

Two hours comprehensive design scenario which present service providers access, aggregation and core design. This scenario will not only teach you how to approach CCDE questions in the exam but also will provide an excellent real life service provider design knowledge

Module #10 IPV6 Design

IPv6 Theory, Best Practices and Case Studies will be shared. Both Enterprise and Service Provider IPv6 design detail will be covered

Module #11 Security Design

Network Security is an important part of a network design. Firewalls, Load Balancers, IPS/IDS devices work in conjunction with the Routers and Switches. Where should be the optimal place for the stageful devices, how design can be more optimal ? Security design will be explained in the course

Module #12 VPN Design

GRE, IPSEC, DMVPN, GETVPN, OTV, LISP will be explained from the theory point of view first. Then Design best practices will be shared. I will show you many case study studies and lastly I will share a comparison charts for all these technology to choose the best one for the given business and technical requirements.

Also Orhan will present 30 Case Studies which cover all the important CCDE design topics. Case Studies are the mini design scenarios which are prepared to teach the design best practices for the technologies. Case studies are very special study resources which makes the Orhan’s bootcamp really unique

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