EIGRP vs OSPF  – Below comparison table is your primary resource for the OSPF and EIGRP routing protocols when you compare them from the design point of view.

Knowing and understanding these design practices will not only help you for the real life network design but also will help for the any design certification exams.

If you have any question regarding the parameters in the comparison chart, please share in the comment so I can provide more information.


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This type of comparisons are common individual questions in the exam so please comment if you have anything you want to discuss in the comment box below.


ospf vs eigrp

Figure – 1 EIGRP vs OSPF


[file_download style=”1″][/file_download]

This and other comparison charts in the website are explained in detail in the CCDE class of Orhan Ergun.

You can watch the comparison of OSPF vs. EIGRP from the below link. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.


2 Replies to “EIGRP vs OSPF”

  1. I would only disagree for troubleshooting part. OSPF has many corner case scenarios like FA, FA suppression, Transit Area Capability etc which makes it quite hard to troubleshoot at times. Though most small and mid size enterprises and even some large too uses single area OSPF but multi area and special area types comes with their own complexities.

    Honestly I don’t know many folks (including CCIEs) in Network Industry that can really read out the database outputs well. Though for most part it’s not needed.

    1. Troubleshooting mostly depends on the people who is doing it. His/Her experience with the technology and also the design of the particular technology. As you said, when things get complicated (which doesn’t have to be though if you design properly) such as control vs data plane separated and when you need to troubleshoot it, OSPF might be more complex.

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