Beware: CCIE University Steals and Cheats

With more than 13 years of IT related experience, I have spent my past few years using my passion in IT to teach Cisco network design concepts such as CCDE, CCDP and CCDA to help Cisco exam takers get successfully certified.

Through my work, not only became one of the most recognized and well respected Cisco exam preparation provider, but my testimonials also speak for themselves.

Recently, a shocking news came to light in my email from one of my student – that another website -CCIE University, stole the years and effort I spent in publishing the Cisco CCDE exam preparation book.

The feeling of disbelief loomed over me as I saw the exact copy of my book being sold on CCIE University’s website without rights or permission. But this act of thievery was not enough for CCIE University as you will see below.

If you check their website, you will notice that they are selling the stolen book for $699 – a whopping $500 markup from my original price of $199. So stealing was apparently not enough; they also shamelessly aim to take every penny possible out of hard working exam taker’s pockets.


Moreover, if you carefully read their description section, it becomes apparent that they also cheat their own customers by making fake promises that the book is “100{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e} Real Lab”. As the author of my own book, I can assure that there are no real exam questions as it is clearly against Cisco CCDE policies.

Buyers – be aware of CCIE University’s scam and do not allow them to scam you too.

6 Replies to “Beware: CCIE University Steals and Cheats”

  1. I would contact a lawyer immediately, and sue them. To outright copy an entire book is unbelievable. Just make sure that you have your documentation all organized.

  2. Orhan,
    This does have one, small positive outcome.
    If you work was bad, then no-one would try to steal it.

    the fact that this “company” believes it can re-sell your work must mean it has great value.

    1. Hi Stephen, What they sell is very old by the way, I update my documents every 3 -4 months unlike other training companies.

      They even didn’t bother to buy the new version of the stuff it seems, I see people are trying to download my 2 years old documents from torrent, if they would see the difference of the materials on the DesignWorld and the torrent, they would become a yearly member without thinking.

      They don’t even bother to read success stories it seems though 🙂

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