Great Cisco CCDE Achievement

Cisco CCDE Achievement 

Congratulations, Martin J Duggan, for being among one of the three people who passed the May 2016 CCDE Practical Exam. Your hard work has truly paid off not only because you attended my class, but, also because you put in your efforts to make this dream of yours a reality.

You have made us proud. Well done!


Martin J Duggan

Martin J Duggan

Network Architect at AT&T, Ciscopress Author, CCIE#7942

What Martin says about Orhan Ergun CCDE class

I attended Orhan’s April 2016 10 days CCDE Bootcamp.

You can tell Orhan has a great deal of experience, it really comes through when he presents his design case studies and the CCDE Practical scenarios– if you are approaching the end of your CCDE journey this is a good place to stop by and put it all together.

Thanks Orhan for everything.

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  1. Thanks Orhan for the great preparation and support. Best of luck to your next class. My number is 2016::6.


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