Which company has the most CCDE in the World ?

Which company has the most Cisco CCDE certified engineers in the world? Of course, Cisco  has the most certified engineers across the globe. In this post, I will introduce you to the second company that has the most CCDE engineers in the world outside of Cisco.


I like sharing the Global CCDE List whenever someone passes the exam simply because it is the most accurate CCDE list on the Internet. According to the Global Cisco CCDE list, Conscia has six CCDE’s and this figure makes Conscia to be recognized as a reputable company that has the most CCDE certified engineers – outside Cisco Systems – in the world. This is a huge number, especially when you observe that even large companies such as Google, Juniper and many other high-tech giants don’t have any CCDE’s.

In any case, let me introduce you to Conscia, a major Cisco partner in Denmark.


Netsafe is a Swedish company that was founded by the CTO, Emanuel Lipschütz which is a 4x CCIE and CCDE. My blogger friend Daniel Dib recently became the second CCDE in Sweden and he is a Senior Network Architect at Conscia Netsafe.

Conscia, the Danish company that bought Netsafe, have expanded internationally by acquiring Netsafe in Sweden and Pundit Networks in Norway. Netsafe is now called Conscia Netsafe and Pundit Networks is called Conscia Norge.

Conscia in Denmark has a very large share of the enterprise market and more than 90 employees. They have four CCDE certified engineers in Denmark.

The second largest office is the Swedish office with more than 30 employees.

The Norwegian office has around 12 employees but both the Norwegian and Swedish office is expected to grow in the coming years.

As well as being a system integrator working with Cisco technology, Conscia is a gold partner of Cisco both in Denmark and in Sweden. They are one of the companies with the most expert level titles per employee. Their office in Norway is working on achieving their gold certification as well.


When I spoke with their staff, this was their assertion: “We are one of the few companies that work with a real design process which is one reason why the CCDE is a good fit for us. We work with business requirements, technical constraints, create HLD’s, LLD’s and prepare PoC’s for the customers. Design is at the core of our business and we take it very seriously”

I told them that there are many companies that design networks, yet they don’t know about the Cisco CCDE. If they truly believe in the power of the CCIE or if they believe in the knowledge possessed by CCIE certified engineers, they should have CCDE certified engineers without any hassle.

For those who have a network in Europe, I would suggest that you should visit their websites:  www.conscia-netsafe.se; their main company website is www.conscia.dk and their Norwegian site is www.conscia.no

Today, they have many CCIE engineers who have started their CCDE preparation process.

In sum, I wish them a great success and I hope that the other companies realize the importance of CCDE certified engineers as soon as possible as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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