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You are invited to attend the one hour Technical Webinar “Introduction to Mobile Broadband Technologies”.

The essential Mobile Broadband Concepts and principles are illustrated with the below Agenda

1- The Mobile Broadband Journey (2G,3G,4G,LTE,5G)

2- Meet the Packet Switched Core

3- Training Review

This webinar is recommended to :

  • Network Professionals who are interested to get the Packet Switched Core knowledge
  • Professionals working on radio networks keen to get the Core Knowledge and E2E Mobile Broadband exposure
  • Fresh graduates interested to work in Mobile Broadband domain
  • All Professionals looking for Career-shift to Mobile Networks.

I will be there too, see you everyone !

Webinar date : Mon, Aug 29, 2016 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM AST

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  • Eder

    Hi Orhan,

    Would you please share the webinar content with us?

    Thank you advanced

    • Hi Eder,

      It will be uploaded shortly. Thanks for your interest. Cheers