Last Three days for the 10 days Online CCDE Practical Bootcamp

Last three days for the November 10 days Online CCDE Bootcamp ! By November 1, I am going to start my NEW CCDE Practical Lab Training.

There are couple things to highlight. Online Bootcamp is Instructor-Led Bootcamp. I will be in the class and explain everything you need to pass the CCDE Practical exam. Instructor Led doesn’t have to be Online only though.

I provide In-Class training as well. 2017 Onsite CCDE Training locations will be announced by 20th of November.

As you might know in August 2016 CCDE exam 10 people pass the exam in the world but 6 of them used my materials and shared their feedbacks already on the website and social media. 

I have also Self Paced CCDE course on the website which helps you to understand the design technologies and asses your knowledge through many design quizzes. But Self Paced course should be considered as complementary only.

Because in the Self Paced CCDE Training, I only share 1 CCDE Practical scenario but in the 10 days Bootcamp I go through 5 CCDE Practical scenario in detail.

Also when you register for the 10 days Instructor Led-Bootcamp, I place you in a CCDE Study group where many other CCDE candidates study together before and after the Bootcamp.

Last but not least, I provide Free Retake until you pass the exam. This mean, if you are planning to attempt CCDE Practical exam in 2017 August, you can register today for the November 2016 class and join February, May and August 2017 CCDE Online classes with no extra charge !

I continuously add new topics and technologies to the agenda that’s why each training is new learning opportunity.

For the detailed agenda, cost information and the other details check CCDE Bootcamp page.

You can register today other 50 November CCDE class students and be placed in a study group immediately !


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