Is Cisco CCDE exam harder than CCIE ?

Is Cisco CCDE exam harder than CCIE exam ? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by the CCDE candidates. 

Short answer is no. But, you should know the differences between the CCIE vs. CCDE as well.

CCDE exam is scenario based. You have four scenarios which is called as Lab or practical scenarios as well in the CCDE exam.

In CCIE exam, questions are individuals and don’t have be answered based on business requirements.

CCDE exam is all about business requirement.

CCDE scenarios are long. 25-30 pages of information in each scenarios which mean 100 pages document to read in CCDE exam.

If you are familiar with the CCDE exam technologies, I can say that exam is not hard but too long.

This is not only my feedback of course but probably 100+ of my students give this feedback to me.

In the below video I also explain the differences of the existing scenarios of mine and the other instructors (Again based on student feedbacks, some of them attended other instructors training as well) and the real CCDE exam scenarios.

There are couple CCDE candidates in the video as you will see and this question came from one of them.

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