What is Free Retake? I offer Free CCDE Bootcamp Retake

Many people have been asking about Free Retake. I provide Free Retake for my Instructor Led CCDE Training.

  • But what is it ?


  • Why it is important ?


  • Who benefit from it ?


  • Is there a limit for free retake ?



When you register to my Instructor Led bootcamp, which is an Online or Onsite real time training program, you can attend any future Online and Onsite training without paying any extra cost.
It is important because, there are many people who attend the class for the first time to understand their background.


They realize their weaknesses in terms of technology when they join my training sessions.
They might be good in operation, but, later they realize that there are gaps in their knowledge in terms of technologies from design point of view.

I work together with my students until the second bootcamp.


I place all my students in a study group, provide them extra study resources, so that they can close their knowledge gap.
When they join the training sessions the second time; they understand everything much better and ask better questions and get maximum benefit from the training.


Since I add new resources each time; I see, even the existing CCDEs joining my trainings to broaden their knowledge further. There is no limit to achieve!


If you register for an Online training, you can join any future Online and Onsite training without any additional cost.

My point is not to get more revenue as I can, instead, I want you to get the best training.

Due to your success and through your word of mouth, I’ll automatically get referred. Actually, this is the success behind my CCDE Program.
Let’s start studying together today !

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