April Online CCDE Class is going to start today

I am excited as today, 2017 CCDE April Online (Webex) class is going to start. Actually , there is only half an hour and we will start.

Every day will be 4 hours and minimum 11 days it will take. We will go through the theory , best practices and the case studies for many technologies for the first 5 6 days.

After that 5 days, there will be inly scenario. CCDE Practical Scenarios I mean,

Different business environments I created in the scenarios. Sometimes Enterprise network, sometimes we build Internet Service Provider network with many technologies , sometimes Mobile Operator looking of upgrade their UMTS environment and migrate to 4G, sometimes Internet Exchange Point in Africa region.

Sometimes we will talk about datacenter design, sometimes we will discuss the advances in BGP and MPLS.

But always design..

Some of them will attend my class to learn more.

Some of them already got their CCDE but wanna learn or refresh.

Some of them will never attend CCDE exam.

And this time (2017 CCDE Exam) , it will be a battle between Real and paper CCDEs.

Hope to see you in the future in one of my classes too. Take care.

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