May CCDE Practical exam is cancelled worldwide,all the details !

May 11 2017, CCDE Practical exam has been cancelled worldwide on May 4, 2017.


People reacted differently for this cancellation.


I have 200+ CCDE candidates in my study groups, thus I think I am the person who can provide you the most accurate information about the reaction of the candidates.


Most, if not all my students were happy from the cancellation. We are definitely support Cisco for that , but , BIG BUT, cancellation was too late. 1 week earlier than exam day !


Most of them booked their flights and the hotels.


We don’t know whether Cisco will refund all their expenses. Just refunding exam fee clearly is not enough.

This would be big problem among the exam attendees. How they will know whether the exam will not be cancelled again ?


Why CCDE Practical exam has been cancelled ? 


I wrote a post about the company who was selling the CCDE Practical exam scenarios. So if you pay them, they give you a guarantee and you pass the exam.

First time in the CCDE Practical exam history, one company achieved this. Congrats to most successful ‘ exam dumper ‘ company.

This lead Cisco to cancel CCDE Practical exam first time in the exam history !


What can happen after now ?

Does Cisco cancel CCDE Practical exam again ? 


You should first understand that, Cisco will bring new scenarios and this company will try to find all the new questions, with the backgrounds and they have to collect each and every answer and they need to make sure someone with their dumps pass the exam.


4 new scenarios at least a year or more for them to crack.


If they start selling again, Cisco can cancel the exam. I will definitely inform industry when they try to sell again, so you will get the signal whether there is a new cancellation possibility.

By the way, since they guarantee passing the exam, do they refund the money ? 🙂


What will happen to people who passed the exam on February 2017 ?


This question has been asking from day one by all the industry. I announced 5 students who passed the exam on February 2017. As a most well known , successful and helpful CCDE training, I advertise 5 people, but a company which is famous by selling CCIE dumps, advertise 5 times more CCDE in the same exam.


Cisco shouldn’t revoke certificate of these people.


But definitely I support ‘ Interview ‘ idea. Cisco should do an interview with all the CCDEs who passed the practical exam on February.


In this way, no one would think to contact with these dumpers. Since they will not be able to find students, they won’t spend time to beg people for the new questions and answers.


I trust my students , their knowledge , so I support interview idea. Please Cisco do it.


I was in Dubai Onsite bootcamp when Cisco cancelled the exam, we celebrated this news with the students. 3 of them would attend the exam by the way. They were happy because no one can tell them ‘ paper CCDE ‘ .Although they were ready for the exam, they were thinking that for the overall good, decision was correct.


I have seen that dumper company crying and blaming Cisco. Don’t do it !

This exam has been cancelled because of you ! You are shame for your country !

What can I do for you ? 

I don’t want to do marketing in this post but without solution this post wouldn’t be complete. If you research you will see that people will refer two CCDE providers. Talk to them first. Who provides what ? What are their approaches and so on. You can achieve this exam only by studying. After cancellation news, my bootcamp registrations boosted. People realise that it seems. I announced 33{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e} discount on all CCDE products. Check all the details from here


Last but not least, Thank you Cisco, it was hard decision , you did it. You protect the reputation of CCDE certification, next time please cancel it earlier if you need and have proper communication channel with the candidates after you cancel it.







12 Replies to “May CCDE Practical exam is cancelled worldwide,all the details !”

  1. Great post Sensei.
    One of the reason to go through CCDE for some is because it was considered clean as compared to CCIE. Good job in protecting the program Sensei. Thanks.

  2. Good job by Cisco avoiding paper experts. Although too late so it caused issues due to reservations. I think they should do this for all expert exams. Change more frequently and be alert for dumps that have actual exam content. It was really hard for me to earn my JNCIE and I know a lot of people have been using dumps in the last year.

  3. Nice post Orhan.
    I’m just wondering, how difficult will be to have different scenarios each time. There are only 4 dates per year. Is it so hard (I personally don’t know since I haven’t tried to make a scenario by myself) to prepare 4 scenarios for 3 months? But if we consider that there is a small team working on that, probably it could be possible for 4 guys to prepare 1 scenario each for a month and to have some good collaboration between them discussing together all 4 scenarios in the next 1 month (just to polish it, to fix some potential issues and ambiguities) and additional month to publish it to all testing centers.
    Probably, the issue could be different difficulty each time, but this is very subjective.

    1. Thanks Plamen, As an external subject matter expert for CCDE, I used to create question for the exam before I provide CCDE training. It is not only preparing the question.

      There are reviewer, they review the questions and if there is consensus for the answer, or integrity of the questions etc, then the questions are approved.

      Otherwise, whoever is preparing it, needs to reconsider, change the wordings, remove or add some options and so on.

      Then reviewer do their job again. This can continue back and forth multiple times. When it is done, questions go to the exam engine which takes time too.

      Yes, if you have a large enough team, 4 scenarios can be finished in 3 months and each time new scenarios come. Though 2 new scenarios every 3 months would be enough too.

      The problem with the current exam, same scenarios have been asked for many years.

      Need more attention and harder work. Hope it will be anymore.

      Orhan Ergun

  4. Thanks Orhan. Love to see the post and interested to know when the same action will be taken against the CCIE candidates. As everyone know without confirmation of dump you can’t pass the exam. I know 100 people and then passed in 2nd attempt and all have same answer that previous dump was not accurate. CCIE credibility is degrading day by day. Can you put some lights on this as well?

  5. Just because of those two greedy guys 100s of candidates had to suffer….. and shame on those who attended their dump-camp and passed. All of them passed are blacklisted in the industry now….

    They are whining now simply because they wont be able to make more money out of selling the CCDE scenarios as it is going to change 🙂

    Many ccde pass in november 2016 also cheated, especially guys who are from Qatar/Saudi, (the hepta-ccie passed in nov) the word on the street the scenarios were well known even before 2016, but by mid of 2016 , the scenarios were fully leaked it, that’s why a lot of people started passing from Nov 2016 and feb 2017

    All ccde passed from 2016 November must be given an interview or free attempt to see if they really have the knowledge to hold a CCDE.

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