May 2017 Dubai CCDE Bootcamp Attendees Feedbacks !

Dubai 5 days Instructor Led Bootcamp just finished. Attendees were from Spain, Bahrain , Saudi Arabia, India and Abu Dhabi.

I discussed several real network designs with attendees such as one of the bank networks, one financial institute, couple service provider networks (Belong to these students or they involve designs of these networks)





I went through all the CCDE blueprint topics to cover the technology part and several CCDE Practical scenarios.


One of the students recorded a video while I am talking on Multicast 🙂





Before you read attendees feedback from below,  please know that I scheduled two more Onsite CCDE Training, one in Istanbul/Turkey and another in Dubai/UAE for 2017. Also if you register until 15th of July 2017, 33{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e} early bird discount you will get for these trainings.


Check training schedule and locations from here to get more information and registration right now !  (As soon as you register, you will have  the self-study resources which you need to go through until the bootcamp)


For more information about training and registration please send an email to :


Below are the feedback of the attendees.




Ahmed Al-Mutawa

Sr. Network Administrator at Bahrain Credit – CCIE# 55654


Coming from an Enterprise networking background, I discovered a lot of information that I need to focus on thanks to Orhan’s CCDE Bootcamp.


The level of knowledge and information that Orhan has and provides to the students is amazing, while covering a lot in terms of network design examples that are valid in the real world.


I would like to thank Orhan very much for his time and efforts and would definitely attend his course again and again ever after passing the CCDE exam.


I highly recommend it to everyone.




Rahul Siddhanak

Network Engineer – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 


Would like to say something about the Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamp :

1.   Excellent training

  • Step by Step Covered

2.  Helpful for understanding customer network requirement for adding new technologies, scaling the networks, network mergers and migrations.

3. During training I found my weak point in MPLS Traffic Engineering.

Also Online videos are helpful for self-study. Note: Video quality must be better, HD videos.




Hari Manayathu

Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems 


Thanks Orhan for the interactive sessions provided. Your bootcamp really helped to understand the preference of one technology over another on different design scenarios.

I would recommend the Orhan’s training for who are preparing for CCDEs and design engineers.

For the future, please consider to add more details about Segment Routing and SDN.





Konrad Rzadzinski 

Network Consultant – The Great Cornholio


We didn’t cover everything (5 days Dubai Bootcamp) but I learned quite a lot. And the book is truly spectacular and really useful.

Would recommend not only to CCDE candidates, but also to anyone trying to broaden their horizons.

We didn’t talk more about some technologies (like segment routing, unified/seamless MPLS) – but I understand, simply not enough time.

We could’ve done more case studies (and learn technology while doing those scenarios) – but We had a mix-experience group so first some ‘ overall ‘ theory was required.

All in all, money well spent 🙂



Abdulraouf Hamed Hosah

It was a great opportunity to join the Orhan Ergun’s Dubai CCDE Bootcamp. Mr Orhan did huge effort for the class to provide knowledge and more experience. It was a good experience.

Thank you Mr. Orhan





Alaa Issa

Sr.Solutions Architect Engineer – 3xCCIE ( Collab|DC|Security )#27146


I attended Orhan Ergun’s Dubai Bootcamp. Training was very good. Environment, tools , class interaction and the materials were very good.

Totally recommend it to intermediate to expert level engineers but I don’t encourage beginners to attend it.


Thanks a lot Orhan.



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