Free Knowledge Sharing Group for Service Providers !

Recently I initiated a knowledge sharing group on Slack.

Goal of the group is just a knowledge sharing. What technologies, protocols, equipments are other people using in the in their networks, what are their services , what are their paint points and benefits of using particular technologies and so on.

Currently group has around 100 people mostly from Wholesale Internet Service Provider, Telecom Carriers, Cable MSOs, Mobile Operators , Vendors , DSL and FTTx Broadband Access Providers, Satellite Companies, System Integrators , Wireless Internet Service Providers, CDNs , Content Companies, Networking Vendors and the Submarine Operator Engineers.

Update : Group is extended to the Enterprise Network Engineers as well and as of October 4,2017, Group has 320 people and counting.



Example of the Companies in the group






Turkcell (Turkey Mobile Operator)

Vodafone (Turkey Mobile Operator)

Turkish Telecom

Simbanet (Tanzania)

Iran Telecom

Azercell (Azerbaijan)

PTCL (Pakistan)

Horizon ISP (Iraq)

Midco (Cable MSO in U.S)

Mobily (Saudi Arabia)

Orange (France)

Starhub (Singapore)


BSNL (India)

Telecom Romania

Telecom Fiji

Tyrol (Local ISP in Austria)

Divona Algeria (VSAT Provider)

Bharti Airtel (India)

Summit Communications (Bangladesh – ISP)

Liquid Telecom (Africa)

Reliance JIO (India)

TTCL (Tanzania – Incumbent Operator)

Packet Design



Arris (CMTS vendor)

ISP Linkdotnet (Pakistan)


These are the first joiners, everyday 20 – 30 new companies are joining. There is no training or certification discussion in this group, there is no confidential information sharing about the companies either.

If you want to learn the technologies, protocols, best practices, services in the different countries in the real life networks,

In order to join this group, put a comment down below with your email address along with name, company name and your role in the company or send an email to with the same info. Participate as much as you can and enjoy discovering the real world networks !

15 Replies to “Free Knowledge Sharing Group for Service Providers !”

  1. In the interview its said this is a slack group and the link back to this page, from that interview, says it’s a Skype group. I was hoping for a slack group. Is there such group and if so how can I join slack group?

    1. It is a slack group, I realize that I can’t handle that load on my Skype, you can join to slack group by invite, is this correct email address ? Thanks for warning, I just changed it as slack group too.

  2. Hi Orhan,
    Really enjoying the CCDE course. Please add me to the slack group.
    It’s inspiring to see someone so passionate about the technology like you are and also wants to
    share that passion with everyone. It’s certainly very energising.
    CCIE #4900

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