Is there a Global Tier 1 Provider in the World ?

Is there a Global Tier 1 Internet Service Provider in the World ? Who are the biggest networks in the World ? 

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In the Peering article I explained what is peering , different types of peering such as private and public peering , settlement free peering , paid peering and so on.

To understand this post truly, if you haven’t read peering post, take a look at that first.

Also before answering whether there is a Global Tier 1 Provider in the Word, what is Tier 1 Provider ?

  •  A Tier 1 ISP is an ISP that has access to the entire Internet Region solely via its settlement free peering relationship.
  • Tier 1 ISPs only peer with other Tier 1 ISPs
  •  They don’t have any Transit ISP as they are the top tier ISP



tier 1 ISP

Tier 1 ISP doesn’t have Transit Provider


I explain this concept in my Service Provider Design Workshop and used to get whether there is a Global Tier 1 ISP , thus I wanted to share the answer with my lovely readers which is you 🙂


There are currently 13 ISPs which are listed in the baker’s dozen list as Global Tier 1 ISPs. None of these ISPs receive Transit Service from other Service Providers.


Baker’s Dozen is considered as Tier 1 ISP List and every year list is updated with the ISP ranking. List is provided by measuring the Transit IP Space of each ISP


bakers dozens

Baker’s Dozen (Global Tier 1 ISP list)


  • All of the Service Providers in the Baker’s Dozen list which is shown in the previous page are considered as Global Tier 1 ISP


  • None of them pay for IP Transit Service but they may lease or get an IRU (Indispensable Right of Use) for the fiber access, so it doesn’t mean they don’t pay any cost for their communications


In fact since they carry huge amount of traffic between countries and the continents they pay the cost for optical networks, colocation , IXP port cost and so on,  more than any other Providers.


On the other hand, for example Turkish Telecom is a National Tier 1 since they don’t pay any other networks to reach their customers. But they buy an IP Transit Service to reach many other destinations in the world (Of course they have peering , in the IXP, outside of Turkey, especially in the Europe so they reduces their IP Transit cost)

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