Moved to new house , Finished the new course but !

I have been very busy for last one month.


I announced 2 , 3 months before Service Provider Design Workshop and conducted it at last two weekends.


I moved to new house, lot’s of things to deal with, believe me. First time I will share the photos of it here.


Meanwhile I started Operator Group for the knowledge exchange.


Weekdays, I deal with my customer network designs and added 4 more new projects which I will handle in next two months.


Let’s start the story of moving house.


I am living in Doha as most of you know.


Doha is the biggest city in Qatar , it might be the only one 🙂 Really not sure what is happening in the other places and I think many people don’t know either.


I had nice view in my old house, though I had to listen the voice of Jet Skis at 3 , 4 am.


Though I have smaller office in this house, I am away from the noise , finally.


View is not that bad here too. Let me share some of my office photos from the house. Most of the new Online trainings, you will see this office anymore 🙂





Service Provider Design Workshop finished as well. What I realised that people don’t know the difference between SP Design Workshop and CCDE Training.


SP Design Workshop is 15 hours, 3 days and dedicated to real life SP design. There are many things, from the physical aspect, layer 2 technologies , Interconnection , POP design , Datacenter design and so on in the SP Design Workshop.


CCDE Training is 10 days, 50 hours and dedicated to Cisco Certified Design Expert exam. I cover only the blueprint topics. Since CCDE is a layer 3 infrastructure exam, mainly layer 3 technologies , such as Routing protocols , MPLS , IPv6 , Layer 3 Multicast and so on.


The common thing is I provide many real deployment knowledge, as my job is providing consultancy to Operators, Service Providers, Enterprises etc.


Feedback for the SP Design Workshop was good although I conducted it for the first time, not surprise to be honest , because I prepared more than 500 pages document , dedicated to this event.


There was many individuals but some companies joined as a group. I remember many guys from Telecom Fiji and Simbanet Tanzania. There was 60 around people in the first workshop and the registration is open for the next SP Design Workshop.


You can register from here. By the way, let me share with you some testimonials, I share without changing even a single word.




Bassel Kablawi – Sr Engineer at ScopeSky Communications LLC

I always wanted to attend Orhan workshops and finally I got the opportunity to join the Service Provider Design Workshop. It was really exiting and informative workshop. Started with the very basics of broadband types and physical connectivity then goes deep to the Internet life. In this workshop you will know what’s going on behind the science from the moment you connect to the Internet till reaching your desired contents over the Internet.
at the first, when your read the contents it will be simple contents and think that it’s easy and normal terminologies, but in reality you will need hard effort to understand it.


Sherif Mokhtar  – Telecom Business Unit Manager | Solution Architect & Presales Manager at Raya Integration | CCIE SP

Throughout the SP design workshop, Orhan had shown a new level of trainings delivery. Starting from the well selected content, going through and discussing the topics and finally giving real cases studies, Orhan has proved that he is one of the best Service Provider engineers all over the world, and one of the best instructors to teach you the bits and pieces behind the technology.
He is focusing in teaching you the concepts, from low level point of view, and then takes you to see the big picture behind the Service Provider architectures and solutions.
Definitely I do recommend this workshop for all engineers working in service provider domain


Bernd Ueberbacher – Systems Engineer at NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG

Great overview about a wide variety of Service Provider topics – always something new to learn J It was an awesome workshop and I will definitely be joining the next one as well! Thanks again.


Samuel Ajakaiye – Network Engineer With 10+ years Exp. in IP(WAN,LAN,BGP,MPLS,Wireless), Satellite Networks (RF,VSAT, Newtec,iDirect,)

I actually learned more , even in the areas that I thought I already know. I recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to have a grasp of the breadth and depth of the service provider ECOSYSTEM.


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  1. Hi Orhan,

    Nice view you have there for the new office &home. Good to see that SP workshop will take place in November with 15 hours as against 10 hours in the Maiden Edition.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Sam, This is the office at home , I am not working home office. I have an extra office 🙂
      Yes. As I said, I want to add more topics and eventually it will become a full program which is not cover by anyone , anywhere.

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