Study tip – How you should read the posts on any website

You search something on Google, or read the materials by referrals. You do research on a particular topic and find many resources. How you are organizing your study ? What is the most important thing even before you start reading any technology topic ?

Technology is changing g too fast. At least the many areas in networking.


We had ATM , SONET/SDH but TDM and the DWDM came along and brought many advantages. Instead of squeezing the bits by multiplexing on single fiber , we started to use many channels (Wavelength, frequency) on the same fiber , for more capacity.


We had STM-1s on the backbone networks, today we have 100Gbps core networks are very common. In fact, some companies already deployed 100Gbps on Metro network.


We used to say BGP is so slow, with BGP PIC, we started to talk about BGP Fast Reroute and provide SONET/SDH like convergence (50ms)


We processed the packets in the CPU of the router, now almost every router has separate control and the data planes.


We used MPLS only on the IP network, now we see it on the transport network  with MPLS-TP.


We used Layer 2 switching or IGP protocols in the large scale datacenters, now BGP , specifically EBGP is so common.


We used to say satellite latency is so high , around 500 msec, now with LEO satellite, latency is not too much of a concern, it is around 100-150 msec.


I could write 100s of these, what we used to believe, what we used to have , from the technology point of view , may not be correct after couple years, sometimes even faster.


That’s why, I highly recommend to my students, customers and readers, whenever you research a topic on technology, first check the published data of the material.



date of the material

For example, I recently published a post and as I highlighted with red color in the above picture, date is shown, July 27, 2017. Take the date of published material always into an account.


You can’t just the people with their history, same is true with the technology.


In 2017, if you are trying to learn a technology, be careful. Don’t only look at 15 years old material, learn the newest enhancements. I am not saying don’t read the older materials, read them , but read them to learn the history. Also don’t believe everything you read, read as much as you can from the different resources and come up with your own conclusion. Be skeptical !


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