Very important update on CCDE Practical Exam Result !

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As you might know May 2017 exam was cancelled due to leakage and I shared a post on it on May.


It was very important step taken by Cisco to secure the exam.


Now, it seems another important step is taken by Cisco.


Below message sent by Pearson to the CCDE Practical exam candidates who registered for the August 2017 exam.



” Upon exam completion, the proctor will escort you out of the testing room where you will be asked to surrender your laminated marker board. All candidates will be given an Examination Receipt at the end of the exam. This document includes important information; please keep it for future reference. After Cisco has evaluated and scored the final exam, you will receive a hard copy score report via standard U.S. mail. (For prompt delivery, please verify that the testing vendor has your current mailing address. Cisco is unable to send duplicate exam score reports.) Typically results are available 10-12 weeks after the completion of the exam. In addition, after the hard copy score report has been mailed, your exam results will be posted in the Cisco Career Certifications Tracking System. Results are Pass/Fail, and failing score reports will indicate major topic areas where additional study and preparation may be useful.”



From the above message, it seems that CCDE Practical exam results will not be learned after the exam in same day but after 10 – 12 weeks.


As you might know, current CCDE Practical exam version is Version 2. Blueprint is based on version 2.


There is no change on the blueprint.


Exam score was available after 10-12 weeks in CCDE Practical version 1 and my question, Has Cisco decided to evaluate the score as before ?


In my opinion, this would be more secure and would help to prevent the leakage.

And although I didn’t get the confirmation about the Open Ended question, it would be nice to see open ended questions in the CCDE Practical exam. This would bring more security to the CCDE Practical exam.


This mean, more job for Cisco to evaluate the exam score, because some parts need to be evaluated  manually, but if Cisco decides to do that too, it wouldn’t be surprise as Cisco has been doing whatever needs to be done to protect the integrity of the CCDE exam.


What I just know so far is CCDE exam result will be available after 10 – 12 weeks for the August 2017 exam attendees. We will see whether this situation will be permanent.


Also, I know that Cisco is working with dedicated team to uphold the integrity of the Cisco Certification exams and I personally thank to Brent Morris, Cisco Certification Security Enforcements Project Manager.


As soon as I learn new information on the subject, I will update you through my website.


What do you think about this change ? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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  1. 10 to 12 weeks are too much. Cisco should re-consider this as this could lead to students to loose their momentum. I do not think to its a right way to announce result after so long. Now less people will attempt exam.

  2. Cisco has a company will not be a market leader anymore in few years . It will loose its value as tome passes so why waste money so much on training & exam . Also worst is monopoly . I paid 3000 $ for the ccde training , i have been removed from all groups . Money dont grow on trees . Everything around cisco is monopoly & money driven . Greedy company .

  3. This is old news shared at Cisco Live Orhan. What they really need to do is make everyone recertify every 5 years. Trainers should have to be authorized by Cisco An should need to recertify with lab every two years.

      1. But what do you study? start from the beginning or continue? 12 weeks are so many.

        Cisco say:
        After Cisco has evaluated and scored the final exam, you will receive a hard copy score report via standard U.S. mail
        Typically results are available 10-12 weeks after the completion of the exam
        Results are Pass/Fail, and failing score reports will indicate major topic areas where additional study and preparation may be useful.”

        And from exam policy:

        CCDE Practical Retakes
        All candidates must wait 30 days between CCDE practical exam attempts. Please note the 30 days starts from the day after a failed exam.

        Exam failed ok i need additionaly study but cisco or personveu they have to tell me immediatly and not 2 month later!


  4. These changes will make the CCDE certification very difficult, seems like the folks at cisco forgot that if it takes 12 weeks to the release just the result, the failed candidate won’t be able to book and attempt the next exam in time.

    As pointed out earlier, the candidates will lose momentum because of the long uncertainty, The ccde candidates are working full time and many are going to fall-out of the study routine.

    btw, just curious, what happened the folks who lost the cert in feb, did anyone one got it back?

  5. Hi Orhan,
    I wanted to provide some input about Cisco’s decision to indicate the CCDE exam result to candidates after 10 – 12 weeks. There are pros and cons to this approach.
    This allows Cisco to complete a more thorough analysis of how candidates answered questions throughout the exam, to look for any possible cheating that took place. It also allows Cisco to see if there was an unusually high pass rate that would require further investigation. This also discourages cheaters from memorizing a leaked exam scenario because Cisco is now currently paying much closer attention to the candidate’s answers. This is a positive step towards protection the integrity of the CCDE.
    Waiting 10-12 weeks introduces a lot of uncertainty and stress for the candidate. Personally, I was able to pass the CCDE practical exam on my first try back in November 2016. My son was born in December 2016. Had I failed the exam, I would have had to make a very difficult decision – do I continue to study as much as possible with a newborn, or do I perhaps try again next year, when my son is a little bit more dependent? The point I am making is that because of the old exam format, where a candidate is given a pass or fail result immediately, a candidate can then decide if they should continue to study aggressively in the event that he/she fails. Waiting 10-12 weeks puts the candidate in limbo… personal agenda can conflict with the candidate’s busy study schedule, and as many have said before me, you really need to be 100{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e} dedicated to the CCDE exam in order to pass. Secondly, there is the possibility that a candidate waits 10-12 weeks, find out that they failed, and when they try to schedule a seat at the PPC, there is no longer any availability (I believe this is an issue in parts of the world that do not have an abundance of PPCs).
    Overall, I believe this is a step in the right direction. However it doesn’t solve the originating issue… Cisco needs to look at the source of the problem which is preventing the exam from leaking. No one really has a good solution for this, yet. I would recommend perhaps closing down the PPCs that produced all of the CCDE candidates who passed, which Cisco later revoked their CCDE certifications, during the February 2017 exam cycle. Close those down right away. Again, there are never any guarantees that the exam will not leak again, and this occurrence needs to be looked into – perform an analysis of HOW the scenarios are leaking, and can this be prevented? Next, there should have someone at Cisco completely dedicated to protecting the integrity of the CCDE. Searching on the web daily for any new CCDE bootcamps and validating that they are in fact legitimate. If there is an authoritative figure, working for Cisco, that is dedicated to this task, those CCDE bootcamps (that offer the actual exam scenarios) might think twice before proceeding.
    I will close off by saying: bring back the open ended questions (OEQs)! It’s really not that difficult or time consuming to grade these. Perhaps there could be one at the end of each scenario. The OEQs can be completely changed during each exam cycle. This would really make it difficult for a cheater to get through!
    Anyhow, thanks for providing this update!
    Joel Desaulniers, CCDE 20160047

    1. Hi Joel. Although I have hundreds of CCDE students, I agree with you. That’s a bit harder for the students, but in order to protect integrity of the exam, that’s a right step.

      Would like to see OEQs as well, since it would provide more security as they can be changed in every exam.

      Also, I know how you would feel if you had to study after a baby born. I am expecting my second one and CCDE Online class is going on 🙂

  6. Really hope that this decision is NOT to protect the exam and there are better reasons for it. For example – as the scenarios will be brand new (hopefully), probably cisco will be interested to see the participants’ questions feedback, just before they start scoring it. You know there might be questions who are NOT scored (not clear and well understood questions who get really bad feedback from participants).
    Protecting the exam requiring students to wait for 3 months until they get their result is definitely NOT the right decision here. Why 3 months? Why not 3 years for example – this will be even better protection, won’t it? For sure a lot of candidates will loose their momentum. Even I’ve lost my momentum waiting for August date, after May was canceled (I was much better prepared for May date than August one). The other point – many companies have a policy for paying the exam only if their employee pass it. So what I’m going to tell my company on August 30th? “Well guys, I was on the exam, but I’ll know my result after 3 months – yes, I know this will be in the next finance quarter…”
    The same for the open answers – how they are going to score those answers? How deep should I go with the answer? Do I need to write a 500 words essay? Are cisco testing my written English skills?
    Don’t get me wrong – I also want this exam to be secured (at least one secured cisco exam), but probably that’s not the best way to achieve it.

    1. It seems using momentum/motivation is common response from many candidates. But I still believe at the end, this action is to protect the exam. We may not realise in the short term but I strongly believe it.

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