Last 5 days for the August 2017 CCDE Practical/Lab exam

Last 5 days anymore for the August 2017, CCDE Practical/Lab exam.


As you might know, you can attend only 4 times per year for the CCDE Practical exam. And not in every country !


There are many places around the world, called Professional Person Vue (PPC) exam centers, and as I said, a lot of placed, 275 as I remember, but not in every country.


August CCDE Practical exam will happen in 5 days, no cancellation ! This is very good news.


May CCDE Practical exam was cancelled and this will be the first exam after February 2017, with the expectation of new practical scenarios.  Some of my students will join to this exam as well and we will see the focused technologies in the new scenarios and I will arrange some of my training documents accordingly. Of course everything under NDA , as usual though.


I wish good luck for all the August 2017 CCDE Practical exam attendees and wanted to announced that early bird discount for the all CCDE products started and will be valid for 15 days only as I expect big number of CCDE course attendees in my upcoming classes.


Be hurry and take the appropriate course for you, if you can’t decide whichever is suitable for you, just open the chat window and talk one of the training advisors or send an email to



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