Network Interconnection videos have been added into Self Paced SP Training

Recently, I published Self Paced Service Provider Training Course. I didn’t make an Internet wide announcement yet as I still upload the content to the course.


Though I haven’t announced it yet, some people have already purchased it and the previous Instructor Led Service Provider course attendees got the access to the self paced SP course.


So far the feedbacks are very good as usual, and for the lunch of the course, I will sell it for the couple weeks for $99.


I finished the videos of first three modules of the SP course and started to upload the videos for the module four which is network interconnections.


When I upload BGP and MPLS module videos as well, I will make an announcement for my website and social media followers.


Meanwhile you can purchase the course and watch the videos of the module 1, 2,  3 and 4.


Course is lifetime access, so you won’t pay any subscription cost.


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