Network Interconnections Video by Orhan Ergun

Network Interconnections is one of the most important topics for the operator network as it directly related with the cost of the sending traffic out from their networks.

I am explaining this topic in deep detail in my Live/Webex “BGP  Zero to Hero” course. Click here for our Special Offer.

I published a network interconnection video on my Facebook page. I explain the peering types, settlement free peering , paid peering , remote peering , IP Transit and other connection options which are heavily used day by day in the Provider , Content , CDN and many operator size networks.


Unfortunately these contents are not shared or explained in any other networking trainings, but if you are working or want to work in any large scale networks, you need to have a skill other than what you learn in the CCIE trainings. Thus I created a comprehensive training on real life Service Provider Networks training.


This video is the part of that training and the self paced video SP on demand course is published on this website, you can purchase this course for $99 right now and access to 10+ hours real life operator network (Service Providers) design training.


Here is the interconnection video link on my Facebook page. To get the notification first, like my Facebook page.



Network Interconnections Video Link 


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