Is it really hard to spell ‘ Orhan Ergun ‘ ?

Is it really hard to spell ‘ Orhan Ergun ‘ ? I see a lot of different variations of my name, its funny though 🙂 Below are some search keywords which people used to find something related with me.


I know my name is not very common. In fact, among English speaking people, one of the least common.


When you search someone like, John , Russ , Chris, Daniel, Michael , you don’t have so many options for mistake.


But my name ? Believe me I see , a lot of different versions of my name.


I checked the Google Search results on my website. When people search something about me, it is hard to see someone spelling my name correctly.


Below are the some search keywords which people used to find something related with me.


  • orhun ergun   ( instead of a , we see here ‘ u ‘ )


  • orhan ergun new price (Name is correct here,but it seems this guy is following the discounts 🙂 )


  • orhan ergun ccde (This is totally fine)


  • ccde orhan Ergun (This one is fine too)


  • orhan ergun ccie (Although I don’t provide currently CCIE training, this person probably thought that, I should have CCIE 🙂 )


  • orhan ergun ccde discount (He knows my name and following the discounts definitely, no doubt 🙂 )


  • orghan ergun ccde global list (Okay I have Global CCDE list on this website but what is ‘ Orghan ‘ ! )


  • orhan ergun new Orleans (I checked , there is a person in New Orleans with my name, I think He is rich as well, I didn’t see him, but liked him 🙂 )


  • orahan ccde ( ‘ Orahan ‘ , What the fuck , who would have this name 🙂 )


  • orghan ccde ( Another Orghan , hmm , it seems Orghan is popular one ? )


  • ccde orgun ( Instead of Orhan , ‘ Orgun ‘ , how many mistakes I couldn’t count )


  • orhaul Ergun (Its like ‘ Long-Haul) , He though that this guy is doing Service Provider business, should be ‘ haul ‘ in his name ? )


Some of them made me laugh 🙂 I observed that people are not doing mistake with my surname , everyone searched as ‘ Ergun ‘, problem with the name. Why father, why you choose this name ? 🙂


I am okay with the people who pronounce or spell my name wrong. But at least, when you search put before or after, either CCDE or whatever the technical topic you are looking for.


Do you have a similar situation, is your name easy to spell and pronounced  ? You can share your comment down below


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