Did you see my Networkcareer.net Interview?


I recently made an interview with networkcareer.net  I talked with Daniel many things on networking, brief overview of my story , predictions for the future of networking, recommended community platforms for the network engineers and many other things !

This is a new website which provides many good interviews on networking.


There are many good blog posts from the famous people in the networking industry and as a famous CCDE instructor (Daniel choose that title 🙂 ) I shared my insights on past, current and future of networking etc. People are sharing their success stories, giving young engineers valuable advices and sharing their predictions for the future of networking.


Questions make sense and I recommend you guys to read all the interviews and come with your own conclusions.


Not mine, not someone else.


In design, every situation is different right !


Career path of the people are also different.


Background of each person is different too.


But who knows one interview can change your whole life.


Good job Daniel Dib and Kim Pedersen. Congrats !

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