What is happening to the World !! Shall we expect World War ?

Lots of stupid things I am hearing everyday anymore, which affect my business and affects so many people I think. Will World War III start or what ?


Couple months before I think at least it was , six countries announced that they closed their borders and airspace for Qatar, a country where I live.


One of the country which announced this news was UAE. And as you might know, Dubai is one of the cities of UAE.


Dubai as one of the Hubs in the Middle East, attracts a lot of tourists. It is good for networking nerds too as they generally stay in the city and have a good time after the networking events. Nice place, can’t deny.


I announced Dubai CCDE Bootcamp for October 2017,  before those countries took that action. I wouldn’t be able to fly to Dubai easily when they close their airspace for Qatar, thus I had to cancel that training and for sure affected my business.



When I announced Dubai CCDE Bootcamp, I announced Istanbul/Turkey CCDE Training as well. I thought that it is safe to plan a training in Istanbul for the Middle East and Europe attendees (As for the Africa region, I will be doing a training on November 2017 second week) but it seems that there will be an issue there too.


You probably heard a referendum in North of Iraq. They want to be separate than Iraq as I understood.


After that referendum, Turkish government was so angry and I think they are planning to take some actions. At least President of Turkey talk in this way.


Today I heard that all the countries started to cancel their flights to Erbil/Iraq.


This will be a problem for the students who would join from that country, for sure would affect my business but more importantly their life.


Another issue is North Korea. Hearing everyday more serious talks between Trump and Kim Jong, which might be the possible starting place of World War III.


All these pressure, we are trying to build networks, increase the knowledge, and our life and jobs are affected by all these news.


Day by day I am fed up to hear more bad news. When will it stop ? What kind of future is waiting for us ? I recently had a new baby, Was it a good idea to bring her to this kind of world, at this time ?

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