CCDE October Online Class is starting, why CCDE from Orhan Ergun ?

CCDE October Online Instructor Led Class will start today.

My Online CCDE Classes are 10 days, everyday around 4 hours. But really, let’s be honest, can you understand everything in 10 days ? So, can you pass the CCDE Practical exam just studying this 10 days course ?


No. No.

Even if you are hero (Someone is naming his training in this way , funny) you cannot.


But then, what is the secret of my training  ? Why you see many people sharing my name, recommending my CCDE course when they pass the CCDE exam ?


Because, my CCDE course, actually is not 10 days.


I think, learning network design cannot be limited in 10 days or even in one month.


Thus, when someone register to my CCDE Program, I put them in a groups. I have slack group (600+ Network Engineers, from Operator, Telco, Enterprise and many different segments of networking) and also Skype groups (200+ people discussing CCDE and network design topics).


In these groups, there are many discussions. CCDE Practical scenario discussions as well of course.


They are happy because they can ask me question anytime. They can schedule a private session and discuss CCDE topics. I remember when Michael Zsiga passed the exam last year, He said publicly that whenever He needed to discuss something, He was setting one to one session with me and it played a critical pass for his success.


Also, when someone register to my CCDE Program,  they can join my any other class for free.


When they hear this (I call it free retake) , they cannot understand as no other training institute offers this.


For me, Students happiness, success, being a better network engineer is more important than couple bucks. I am not saying money is not important, it is our business , for living we need to charge something but if you are already making enough money, you should start charging more ! This was the reason first I started to provide CCDE training.


There was couple CCDE trainers and they were charging around 5000USD which I never did !


Not everyone is getting this money from their companies. Most of these people are paying from their pockets.


Not everyone is paid like U.S network engineers. This money is even huge for them. And for what ? Couple days training ? By the way the same topics can be found anywhere as I heard from many people.


In Africa , India , Pakistan and many other countries there are brilliant network engineers who deserve better training for an affordable cost as well. If you ask them to pay 5000usd, they will never have a chance to attend.



Not only that, I provide more than 3000 pages document and 100+ hours CCDE videos  (My book , preparation materials, scenarios, case studies, quizzes , comparison charts, offline study videos and so on) and increasing each time when I provide training. Scenarios in the exam is changing, I add new topics and discuss in a new scenarios in my classes.


Let me stop here because explaining  what I do for the CCDE students will take pages.


Probably you should just check the testimonials of the guys who passed the exam from my website, talk with them.


My recommendation to other trainers, either stop doing it immediately , or charge much less and create much more content and start spending your precious time with the students. Don’t be a millionaire but let people appreciate all your efforts.


I don’t want this course to make you pass only, I want you to become really very good network engineer, thus I accept the people to my courses after they pass CCDE exam as well.


With me you are joining to networking , network design community, not to couple days network training  !

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  1. I have attended the CCDE training from Orhan. It was very resourceful and knowledgeable training.

    Its really very true that ” With orhan you are joining to networking , network design community, not to couple days network training but life time access to training’s and materials”

    Thanks Orhan for your guidance.

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