Update for the Free Network Engineers Group

A while ago, I created a slack group for the network engineers. Some of you might be a part of the group and have been enjoying, learning, discussing the networking topics, real life deployments, for a while.


I wanted to say that, I started to extend the group. It started initially for the Telco, Service Provider Engineers but even in these environments, there are many technologies used heavily by the Enterprise network engineers, automation engineers and so on.


Group is around 250 people right now and growing day by day. When someone want to discuss a particular topic, it is easy to find an answer. But more people mean, more opinion, more thoughts, better response time and better discussions.


That’s why, if you want to be a part of this group, send an email to me so I can send you an invite for the group. My email is orhan@orhanergun.net 

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  1. Sr. Orhan Ergun.

    I work as teacher of Universidad del Valle at Colombia (South America). I am Electrical Engineer and for the last 14 years I has been working with Internetworking. I am interested to be included in the ” Free Knowledge Sharing Group for Service Providers “.

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