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2018 was a good and busy year ! Things I have done during the last year

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2018 is done! I wanted to share what I have done during the last year.

During 2018, probably the biggest decision for me was establishing a company in Turkey.

This photo was taken during a CCDE Bootcamp 10 days after I opened my office in Istanbul.

Before I established an Office, I was working with  African , Saudi Arabia and couple other Middle East based Service Providers as a consultant and advisor. Istanbul Office gave me a chance to work with the Turkish companies as well.

It has been 5 month now but already some Enterprises have started working with us and benefiting from our consultancy services.

Wherever you are in the World, We can work together! Check out our consultancy services. Click here. 

I hired very skilled network engineers  and marketing professionals in Istanbul office and couple other guys working remotely for us in other countries as well.

That’s why you see a new company profile on Linkedin. It is not anymore Orhan Ergun but as my team say, it is Orhan Ergun Network Consultancy and Training LLC.

In addition to the CCDE Training, we announced CCIE R&S , CCIE Service Provider and CCIE Security Trainings in 2018. Still not very well known it seems, share with your peers that Orhan started to provide CCIE trainings as well, guys 

By the way we already provided CCIE Security Training to Turkish Telecom through my partner company in Istanbul.

I personally have provided over 10 CCDE Trainings. Traveled to many countries; Dubai , South Africa , Qatar , Turkey , U.S classes were some of them.

While I was hanging out with the folks in Mexican restaurant in Orlando for the CCDE Bootcamp as you can see from the below picture 

Couple weeks after in Johannesburg, excellent atmosphere, great engineers from four different Telco and ISPs

I met in person with so many of my students and friends who passed the CCDE Practical exam during 2018





I published 50 new posts on the website. Promise I will publish more in 2019.

I wrote a new book, will be published within a month, finished it in 2018 but proofreading part will take time, thus will be published till Feb 2019. Topic will be the first in our industry but as you can guess, it is on network design.

Joined countless customer meetings, workshops and provided many webinars during the year.

www.orhanergun.net reached 1 million page views in 2018 since it has been started.

I attended Cisco Live U.S in Orlando and met with many people  and it gave me an opportunity to talk with them about network design , CCDE and networking in general.

He was one of them. If you know him, share in the comment section.

Joined the FutureWAN 18 Recordings in the Cisco San Jose and talked about the Future of SD-WAN , SD-WAN in Service Providers and the Enterprises, can’t say I liked the make up part!

You can see my face in the below picture 

But enjoyed with Ethan, Tom and Jed’s discussions during the FutureWAN 18 Interviews. I like to learn from other people experiences. Tom is a great session moderator by the way. Tom is the one with the blue shirt in the below picture.

I also attended Network Field Day as a Delegate first time in U.S on October and after sometime seen myself on the Global Homepage at cisco.com

During the NFD, I met with the great people. Carly had a great session on Apstra’s EOS. 

Orhan and Carly 

There were many great presenters and many other companies during NFD. Illumio was one of them. Before I didn’t have a chance to thank them for their gifts. They sent me all the way from U.S to Istanbul. Thank you, guys.

By the way, I already got an invitation from Tech Field Day as a Delegate for Tech Field Day Extra event which will be held on January 27 – 31 during Cisco Live Barcelona. In 25 days, let’s meet in Barcelona, guys !

Don’t know exact number but over 300 people purchased Self Paced CCDE Course, and probably over 150 people attended my live CCDE courses. Hope to see more people in all of our courses , not only CCDE but CCIE RS , CCIE Sec and CCIE SP in total 1000 live class students in 2019 ?

Half of the year I will be in Istanbul Office, if you visit Turkey, don’t forget to stop by and enjoy this beautiful Istanbul view and the ‘ Turkish coffee with Love’

During the year, always the best moment was coming back to home and get a big hug from her.

I always love you my sweet daughter!


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