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Free Knowledge Sharing Group for Service Providers !

Recently I initiated a knowledge sharing group on Skype.

Goal of the group is just a knowledge sharing. What technologies, protocols, equipments are other people using in the in their networks, what are their services , what are their paint points and benefits of using particular technologies and so on.

Currently group has around 100 people mostly from Wholesale Internet Service Provider, Telecom Carriers, Cable MSOs, Mobile Operators , Vendors , DSL and FTTx Broadband Access Providers, Satellite Companies, System Integrators , Wireless Internet Service Providers, CDNs , Content Companies, Networking Vendors and the Submarine Operator Engineers.


Example of the Companies in the group






Turkcell (Turkey Mobile Operator)

Vodafone (Turkey Mobile Operator)

Turkish Telecom

Simbanet (Tanzania)

Iran Telecom

Azercell (Azerbaijan)

PTCL (Pakistan)

Horizon ISP (Iraq)

Midco (Cable MSO in U.S)

Mobily (Saudi Arabia)

Orange (France)

Starhub (Singapore)


BSNL (India)

Telecom Romania

Telecom Fiji

Tyrol (Local ISP in Austria)

Divona Algeria (VSAT Provider)

Bharti Airtel (India)

Summit Communications (Bangladesh – ISP)

Liquid Telecom (Africa)

Reliance JIO (India)

TTCL (Tanzania – Incumbent Operator)

Packet Design



Arris (CMTS vendor)

ISP Linkdotnet (Pakistan)


These are the first joiners, everyday 20 – 30 new companies are joining. There is no training or certification discussion in this group, there is no confidential information sharing about the companies either.

If you want to learn the technologies, protocols, best practices, services in the different countries in the real life networks,

In order to join this group, send a request to ‘ networkerturk ‘ Skype ID ,  along with name, company name and your role in the company. Participate as much as you can and enjoy discovering the real world networks !

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Submarine Cable Basics

Submarine Cable is probably the most important topic for the International traffic. More than 99% of the International traffic , including data, voice and video is carried over Submarine Cables.


But still submarine cables is not very well known topic among the network engineers, especially if you are not working in the Service Provider, Carrier or Telco.  Read more

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What is Urban and Rural area in networking ?

What is urban and rural area ? What is underserved area in networking ?


These definitions are heavily used in networking. And all broadband network designers take always these definitions into an account while they do their design. I think knowing these definitions as a network engineer is valuable for you.  Read more

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Some recommendations for the network engineers

In this post, I will share many network engineering blogs which will be very beneficial for the network engineering and for those who want to learn more about network design.


Read more

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What is MPLS Traffic Engineering and Why do you need MPLS-TE ?

MPLS Traffic Engineering is a mechanism that provides cost savings in an MPLS networks.


How cost saving can be achieved  ?  How traffic is steered to the paths which wouldn’t be used in normal circumstances ?  I will explain in this post.

Read more

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April Online CCDE Class is going to start today

I am excited as today, 2017 CCDE April Online (Webex) class is going to start. Actually , there is only half an hour and we will start.

Every day will be 4 hours and minimum 11 days it will take. We will go through the theory , best practices and the case studies for many technologies for the first 5 6 days. Read more

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Mac Flooding Attack , Port Security and Deployment Considerations

This article is the 4th in Layer 2 security series. We will be discussing a very common layer 2 attack

which is MAC flooding and its TMtigation “Port Security MAC limiting”

If you didn’t read the previous 3 articles; DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, and IP Source

Guard; I recommend that you take a quick look at them just to get an overview on layer 2 security. Read more

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MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) quiz !

Learn while assessing your knowledge.

This quiz is part of the MPLS Review Questions of my new version of CCDE Workbook. There are more than two hundred questions in it and you can have it from the website directly (PDF version) or from Amazon (Hardcopy)Read more

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What is happy eyeballs ?

What is happy eyeballs ?


This term is very important to understand if you are deploying dual stack IPv6 network.


Before defining happy eyeballs, do you know what is an eyeball network ? Where is it used ? Where does ‘ happy eyeballs ‘ term come from ?  Read more

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Broadband Network Architecture – Access Network Models

There are many broadband services Service Providers offer to their customers today. As a network engineer you need to know the most common services and their advantages, disadvantages, design characteristics and so on.


In this post, I will introduce these services and if I can see interest from the readers, I will explain the design aspects and deployment models of each one of them.


So if you are reading this post right now and interested to know more, put your comments in the comment box below.


Note : I am going to explain broadband services in this post, not baseband, we are in 2017 right !


Access network infrastructure link the backbone network to the customers.


There are two groups of broadband access technologies. Fixed broadband technologies and Mobile Broadband technologies.


You can find many Mobile Broadband articles on the website.


access network infrastructure

Figure 1: Access Network Technologies and the associated infrastructures 

Read more

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CCDE Real Labs/Scenarios

I think it is time to write otherwise people will loose their money for nothing. Today I got a whatsapp message from someone who says ‘ I can’t join your Onsite CCDE training, is there a way to buy REAL scenarios Online ‘.  Read more