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What is CCNP ENARSI What is ENARSI, one of the "Specialist" level exam and certificate belonging to the CCNP Enterprise domain, that was announced on June 9th - 2019. it is the first version of the ENARSI exam that not only participates in the CCNP Enterprise certificate, but also once passed, it will grant the candidate a certificate called: Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation ENARSI and CCNP Enterprise ENARSI was not the only exam announced from Cisco regarding CCNP Enterprise Specialty, an entire new domain of knowledge and hierarchy was there as well. ENARSI might be your first and best choice if one of 2 cases: if you wish to go deep dive with routing protocols and services on enterprise level networks bases if you already know the old CCNP RS and you wish to refresh topics related to it The other exams are "ENSDWI, ENSLD, ENWLSI, ENWLSD, and ENAUTO" So as mentioned in previous blogs, the ENCOR + one of the exams mentioned above (could be the ENARSI) will result in a CCNP Enterprise Certified Is ENARSI Important? It is actually very important not just to accomplish the nice, highly wanted, Professional level badge "CCNP Enterprise" but also the content is very useful and the agenda won't waste your time and efforts. The exam has around 72% of its agenda focusing on routing, and to be more precise, it is focusing on EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP only! by only i mean no Static Route or IS-IS there, and of course no RIP. So only 3 protocols to present over 70% of that exam agenda, so it is a deep dive in the routing field. plus, for all these 3 protocols it produces a higher level of study compared to the agenda of the ENCOR exam with EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP. ENARSI and other Specialist CCNP exams if you were interested in "Routing", then that's it, only the ENARSI should be your exam to focus on. OR, perhaps go directly to the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, is it a best practice? NO, because the ENARSI exam bridges the "Routing" knowledge gap between the ENCOR and the CCIE EI exam which both are related (the ENCOR is the prerequisite of the CCIE EI exam).   Enjoy and get Certified Sajjad Ghaffoori

Published - Tue, 05 Apr 2022