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Some people who passed the exam on FEB 2017 lost their CCDE !

As you know May 11 2017 exam has been cancelled. I shared the details in this post. Cisco took very hard decision but saved the CCDE certification. I have been suggesting that new scenarios should be added for a long time. Read this post and see why I have been suggesting it.


As you know, one company started to sell the CCDE scenarios on December, right after one guy from that company passed the exam on November 2016. They confirmed that their dumps worked !

You may not know but two days back Cisco revoked the CCDE certificates of some people who passed the exam on February 2017.

Probably this decision made that company very angry and they started to play their last game.

If you don’t read the above post, below points may not be clear. Please go through those posts first if you haven’t read yet.


Why I say this is last game ? 

Because they have been constantly fighting against me.

Let me show you the story

  1. They started asking hints from me about the CCDE exam. ( Conversations shared with Cisco)
  2. They started to sell by workbook as real dumps. (They didn’t publish on their website but click here to see another company which did the same)
  3. They started to sell real exam scenarios and were saying people that I confirmed the answers (They were doing this before they passed and mostly true because I answer more than 400 questions everyday in average and unless people specifically tell me that they are asking real exam question, I answer all technical questions)
  4. They sent an email to people and tried to show that I started to sell the scenarios as I was angry to those guys 🙂 Click here to see the post which I wrote about that too.  (You will see that my phone and all the other information is true, they have an access to everything ! But email was going to them and they could negotiate with the people)
  5. They don’t stop, you will see throughout the post their other games too.


So in order to raise their income they did everything. But they don’t consider the below points.


If I would sell the scenarios why would I 


  1. Publish one 200 pages and another 600 pages workbooks and continuously working with the industry experts to update the versions.
  2. Why I bothered to create 1000 pages training document which I share with all my Instructor Led Bootcamp attendees
  3. Why I bothered to create many CCDE Practical exam scenarios ? I’m supposed to have the real ones, why I am creating and teaching the different ones.
  4. Why I prepared more than 100 hours Self-Paced CCDE Practical Training videos !
  5. Why I bothered to publish 250 technical articles , isn’t it easy money to teach real exam scenarios ?
  6. Why I spent my time to create 450 questions to prepare people for CCDE Written exams ?
  7. Why I bother to do technical editing for the Cisco Press books, spending that time with the real scenarios I can make much much more money, trust me.
  8. Why I wrote on many famous websites (Packetpushers, Networkcomputing) many articles or recording podcasts, when you start selling 100s of people join you, you get famous any way right ?
  9. Spend time with at least 100 students to understand their real life network design and made hours and hours free design discussions , during that time I could teach them those real scenarios and of course charge money.
  10. Why I record all my sessions and provide them to the attendees. If I teach real labs, why I publish them ?
  11. If I teach the scenarios, why me and my chat agents never accept when people ask whether we provide pass guarantee ?
  12. Why even yourself were advertising ‘ If you want to learn go to Orhan , If you want to pass join us’. (This was true by the way, I cannot provide pass guarantee)
  13. Why I didn’t announce each and every time 27 people or 100 people  ? I remember I was proud when only two people passed the exam and one attended my class and other provided about my documents an excellent feedback (Thanks Daniel Dib ! )
  14. Why I couldn’t open even in a single bootcamp in Qatar but the same company could open two dumpcamps in couple months.


Their last game is not different from the above ones. I teach almost each and every topics which people would encounter in the CCDE exam and even more.

They share this time videos which I talk about technical topics. People asked me, isn’t it you ? Of course it is. Finding my voice or face while talking about any topic is not hard. And placing the scenarios underneath is not a rocket science.

I allow free retake and students attend many times (I know some guys attended 7times), some people have almost 1000 of hours of my videos.

Writing an exam simulation application, finding the 8 of those real scenarios are much much harder, no one accomplished it since 8 years. Congrats !


They claim that is the reason Cisco cancelled the May exam. 

They think people are stupid.

  • Who would want Cisco to cancel this exam ?
  • If someone is teaching the real scenarios, do you think that He wants Cisco changed the scenarios, why I published all those posts and asked new scenarios  ?
  • Why Cisco only revoked the CCDE certs of the people who were advertised by them on February 2017. Why they didn’t touch my students !
  • Would that same guys, in 2016, would write a post (2000 people read that post !) and ask Cisco to change or add new scenarios ?
  • Would I talk to Cisco on Jun 2016 about the scenarios (Not everyone is aware but Cisco knows of course)
  • Which company started to cry when the exam changed and who supported the decision !
  • Why all the industry believe that the reason is that company and suddenly a video appeared or not even a single comment on the Internet about me cheating (People may not like the quality of the recordings or my English, thats different story but why no one since 4 years claimed that Orhan Ergun is cheating, why now ?)   ?


I didn’t start my training on Feb 2017, or 2016 , I have been doing it since 2014. And many famous industry experts used my resources, participated to create , appreciate my knowledge. Your tricks will not destroy me. We WON , You LOST. You will loose CCIE battle as well.


People who don’t know me or don’t read this post will probably will believe you, your tricks are very real. Congrats, but spend time to learn network design so at least you can do consultancy when you cannot sell dumps anymore. Also, always remember the day which you begged me for the exam tricks! If I see any opposite comment anywhere, I publish it too !

If anyone in the industry tell that you asked money from me to share the scenarios, please talk. Please !


By the way, some of those people who lost their certificate just lost because of that company. I know personally some of those people, they could have passed the exam without this company, and some people contacted me and said they never attended their bootcamp but still advertised when they passed ?

Everyone who know me will vouch for me, will support me. I suggest to that company ‘ Focus on August exam and advertise more people than me and more importantly, get the feedbacks of the real people about your technical training ! ‘


I expect next time they share my naked video and it will not be surprise 🙂

Now, whatever you want to do, people know all the truth and I request from everyone who read this post, share your comments about my trainings, resources and my participation to CCDE community and hopefully we don’t see these companies anymore.



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May 2017 Dubai CCDE Bootcamp Attendees Feedbacks !

Dubai 5 days Instructor Led Bootcamp just finished. Attendees were from Spain, Bahrain , Saudi Arabia, India and Abu Dhabi.


I discussed several real network designs with attendees such as one of the bank networks, one financial institute, couple service provider networks (Belong to these students or they involve designs of these networks)





I went through all the CCDE blueprint topics to cover the technology part and several CCDE Practical scenarios.


One of the students recorded a video while I am talking on Multicast 🙂





Before you read attendees feedback from below,  please know that I scheduled two more Onsite CCDE Training, one in Istanbul/Turkey and another in Dubai/UAE for 2017. Also if you register until 15th of July 2017, 33% early bird discount you will get for these trainings.


Check training schedule and locations from here to get more information and registration right now !  (As soon as you register, you will have  the self-study resources which you need to go through until the bootcamp)


For more information about training and registration please send an email to : sales@orhanergun.net


Below are the feedback of the attendees.




Ahmed Al-Mutawa

Sr. Network Administrator at Bahrain Credit – CCIE# 55654


Coming from an Enterprise networking background, I discovered a lot of information that I need to focus on thanks to Orhan’s CCDE Bootcamp.


The level of knowledge and information that Orhan has and provides to the students is amazing, while covering a lot in terms of network design examples that are valid in the real world.


I would like to thank Orhan very much for his time and efforts and would definitely attend his course again and again ever after passing the CCDE exam.


I highly recommend it to everyone.




Rahul Siddhanak

Network Engineer – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 


Would like to say something about the Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamp :

1.   Excellent training

  • Step by Step Covered

2.  Helpful for understanding customer network requirement for adding new technologies, scaling the networks, network mergers and migrations.

3. During training I found my weak point in MPLS Traffic Engineering.

Also Online videos are helpful for self-study. Note: Video quality must be better, HD videos.




Hari Manayathu

Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems 


Thanks Orhan for the interactive sessions provided. Your bootcamp really helped to understand the preference of one technology over another on different design scenarios.

I would recommend the Orhan’s training for who are preparing for CCDEs and design engineers.

For the future, please consider to add more details about Segment Routing and SDN.





Konrad Rzadzinski 

Network Consultant – The Great Cornholio


We didn’t cover everything (5 days Dubai Bootcamp) but I learned quite a lot. And the book is truly spectacular and really useful.

Would recommend not only to CCDE candidates, but also to anyone trying to broaden their horizons.

We didn’t talk more about some technologies (like segment routing, unified/seamless MPLS) – but I understand, simply not enough time.

We could’ve done more case studies (and learn technology while doing those scenarios) – but We had a mix-experience group so first some ‘ overall ‘ theory was required.

All in all, money well spent 🙂



Abdulraouf Hamed Hosah

It was a great opportunity to join the Orhan Ergun’s Dubai CCDE Bootcamp. Mr Orhan did huge effort for the class to provide knowledge and more experience. It was a good experience.

Thank you Mr. Orhan





Alaa Issa

Sr.Solutions Architect Engineer – 3xCCIE ( Collab|DC|Security )#27146


I attended Orhan Ergun’s Dubai Bootcamp. Training was very good. Environment, tools , class interaction and the materials were very good.

Totally recommend it to intermediate to expert level engineers but I don’t encourage beginners to attend it.


Thanks a lot Orhan.



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April Online CCDE Class is going to start today

I am excited as today, 2017 CCDE April Online (Webex) class is going to start. Actually , there is only half an hour and we will start.

Every day will be 4 hours and minimum 11 days it will take. We will go through the theory , best practices and the case studies for many technologies for the first 5 6 days.

After that 5 days, there will be inly scenario. CCDE Practical Scenarios I mean,

Different business environments I created in the scenarios. Sometimes Enterprise network, sometimes we build Internet Service Provider network with many technologies , sometimes Mobile Operator looking of upgrade their UMTS environment and migrate to 4G, sometimes Internet Exchange Point in Africa region.

Sometimes we will talk about datacenter design, sometimes we will discuss the advances in BGP and MPLS.

But always design..

Some of them will attend my class to learn more.

Some of them already got their CCDE but wanna learn or refresh.

Some of them will never attend CCDE exam.

And this time (2017 CCDE Exam) , it will be a battle between Real and paper CCDEs.

Hope to see you in the future in one of my classes too. Take care.

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33% discount until 1st of April 2017 on all CCDE Products !



33%  Discount – Limited seats !

On all CCDE Products
It is only valid until 1st of April 2017

33% OFF On Below Products ! 

CCDE In-Depth 
New CCDE Workbook buy now »

Online CCDE Training  buy now »
Self Paced CCDE Training
Lifetime Access
 buy now »


Discount is valid for both Online Instructor Led CCDE Training and In-Class Instructor Led Training.

I receive so many questions regarding Dubai Onsite bootcamp, this discount is valid for it as well.

Note : There is only 3 seats left for the Onsite bootcamp. You may not be able to register please contact immediately with sales@orhanergun.net


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February 2017 CCDE Training is over ! Waiting the attendees success now !

My February 2017 CCDE class is now over. The duration of the course was for 11 days and as usual it started with lots of advanced technology lessons. All the critical CCDE exam topics (IGP, BGP , MPLS and the other technologies) were covered in detail from the design point of view.

A minimum of 4 hours was spent each day. We had 50+ hours training this time; which helped and engaged the participants during the training. For example, many existing CCDE network engineers shared the CCDE Practical scenarios, CCDE exam tips and tricks and their strategies with the students.


Since I adjust and expand my course outline continuously; each time, students learn more about network design. There were many CCDE Practical Scenarios at the February class and those scenarios definitely will help the attendees in the CCDE Practical exam.


By the way, the next CCDE Practical exam is on 22 February 2017, in 2 days’ time!

I wish all the attendees including my students ‘good luck’ in the upcoming CCDE practical exam. Looking forward to share their feedbacks and the success stories in the future posts.


For the upcoming April Online and May Dubai CCDE Boot camp registration, please click here


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40% discount for the NEW YEAR on all CCDE Products !



40% New Year Discount

On all CCDE Products
Starts December 16 Thru 31 of December 2016

40% OFF On Below Products ! 

CCDE In-Depth 
New CCDE Workbook buy now »

Online CCDE Training  buy now »
Self Paced CCDE Training
Lifetime Access
 buy now »


Note : Discount is valid for both Online Instructor Led CCDE Training and In-Class Instructor Led Training. 

It is not valid for Paperback CCDE In-Depth workbook. 



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These 7 people passed the CCDE Practical exam with my training

I am glad to announce that 7 of the attendees passed the CCDE Practical Lab exam in November 17, 2016 after attending my CCDE Training Program and got their CCDE numbers.


Read the below feedbacks from the people who passed the CCDE Practical exam on November 17 !

You can get more information and register to the next class from here. There is $500 discount until 31st of December.Seats will be limited as already 10s of people have registered.

Click here to get the CCDE book which they refer in their comments.



Also please know that I am organizing meeting on 26th of November in Dubai. If you want to meet in person with me please send an email to orhan@orhanergun.net


    • Felix Nkansah – Chief Executive Officer at Red Mango CCDE #20160036, 2XCCIE
      If you are considering studying for the coveted Cisco CCDE certification, make good use of the Cisco recommended reading list and CiscoLive videos focused on design. But your preparation won’t be complete without a touch of Midas from the master CCDE trainer Orhan Ergun. He is the most complete training provider in the industry – Books, Blogs, Videos, Bootcamps, One-to-one chat, etc.I strongly recommend Orhan Ergun’s class if you want to pass the CCDE exam
    • Mazin Ahsan – Design Lead Engineer | Solutions Engineer | CCDE License # 20160030 | CCIE Licence # 23892
      I passed the CCDE Practical Lab exam on November 17,2016 from supplications of elders and dedication from my Sensei Mr. Orhan Ergun I took different CCDE bootcamps in the past. Orhan has the most depth and expertise. You can discuss with him at an expert level on different technologies and he is focused. Both the bootcamp and his book helped me a lot in achieving the design skills to nail this beast. I would recommend taking his CCDE training to pass CCDE exam and learn the network design
    • Tahir Munir – Infrastructure Consultant at Accenture CCDE #20160031, 3XCCIE
      I passed the CCDE exam on November 17. Orhan’s CCDE Live class and Self Paced training course helped me a lot to pass the both CCDE Written and Practical exams.Design comparison charts and videos will help you a lot in CCDE Practical exam. The quizzes in the self paced CCDE course is excellent resource for the CCDE Written exam.If you are studying for CCDE exam or want to learn network design,I strongly recommend you to take this course.
Michael “Zig” Zsiga II – Lead Technical Architect at ePlus Technology CCDE #20160032, 2XCCIE
I passed the #CCDE today! I used a lot of resources to be successful but I need to call out one specifically. Thanks Orhan Ergun for always being available at all hours to answer every question, to discuss every technology, and to work through my personality “issues” that I had throughout this process!! For all my friends venturing down the CCDE path Orhan is a great resource and friend to have!
  • Nicholas Russo -Network Consulting Engineer (CCDE/CCIEx2), Cisco
    I signed up for Orhan’s self-paced CCDE training. This training is very technically detailed and the use-cases, quizzes, scenarios, and mind maps are all great resources in the overall training program. Orhan teaches his customers to think like a network designer by applying technology to meet business requirements and design specifications.
  • Chintan Sutaria Network Specialist at GBM CCIE, CCDE#20160026
    I passed the most respectful Cisco exam CCDE on November 17,2016.Orhan Ergun’s class was great and helped me a lot to pass the CCDE Practical exam. There was so many resources in his class to consume and He is always available to discuss the design topics with you. Anyone who would like to pass the CCDE exam go to the best.
Orhan Ergun & Chintan Sutaria
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Four of my students passed the CCDE Practical exam in August 2016

Hi everyone,

I am glad to announce that below 4 of my students passed the CCDE Practical exam in August 2016 after attending my CCDE Training Program and got their CCDE numbers yesterday.

You will have their success story and CCDE exam preparation recommendations on www.orhanergun.net  in couple days. They are still celebrating it 🙂

November 17 is the only CCDE Practical exam date left this year. Join my November 10 days CCDE Training Program.

You can still have your 2016 CCDE number ! Learn More..

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Is CCDE Practical exam changing in 2016 ?

I read lots of comments on the blogs and forums about CCDE exam changes. People think that CCDE Practical exam is going to change by July 2016.

Guys, be relax. CCDE Practical/Lab exam is not going to change , Cisco will not add any vendor specific SDN technologies into the CCDE Practical exam.

But in July 2016, Datacenter, Automation, SDN topics (Cisco call them emerging technologies) will be added to the exam.

And of course some of the questions will be about Cisco ACI as well. But of course not configuration parameters or low level details of the solution.

I expect more conceptual things which look after why things are done rather than how they are done.

  • Why ACI should be used ?
  • Which environment ACI makes more sense more ?
  • How it can be deployed with the legacy datacenter architecture together ?
  • Why companies would like to have private Cloud and the Private or Public datacenters ?

Read more

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CCDE July 2016 Onsite Bootcamp in Las Vegas

I am glad to announce that next bootcamp of this year will be on July 2016 in Las Vegas , right after Cisco Live.

Last day of Cisco Live will be the first day of my CCDE class. Extend your vacation 5 more days, inform your company by now, get approval and meet me there !

Onsite CCDE bootcamp in Las Vegas will be between July 13 – 17 , 5 days. Each day minimum 6 hours long.

I will explain the  CCDE theory topics, will go through the design best practices with 40+ Case Studies and I will present 3 CCDE Practical Scenario.

This is not all. I will share Mind Maps which will help you before your exam and We will go through together many network design quizzes which I prepared.

Detail CCDE Bootcamp Outline and Frequently Asked Questions can be found HERE. 

If you still have a question after above page, send an email to sales@orhanergun.net

You may know already everything about my trainings and this date is suitable for you. Then Register Now !

Training Location Address : 
375 N. Stephanie Street
Building 21 Suite 2111
Henderson, NV 89014
Major cross streets:
Warm Springs Road & Stephanie Street

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Finally, informational EIGRP RFC 7868 has been published.It is not anymore Cisco’s EIGRP, it is an open standard. Without a most critical feature of EIGRP,can we really say that? Why Cisco doesn’t share the most important feature which can help in large scale EIGRP design although industry has been asking from them for a long time ?

EIGRP RFC 7868 specifies EIGRP Dual Algorithm, EIGRP Packets such as Update, Query and Reply, EIGRP Operation, and EIGRP Metrics (K1,K2,….K6).

And since EIGP is RFC anymore, other vendors can legally implement EIGRP. There was couple of open source EIGRP implementations already,but with the RFC status, seeing new implementations among the big vendors would not be a big deal.

In addition to EIGRP packet types and metric values, there are a couple of important things to understand about EIGRP. Read more

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Which company has the most CCDE in the World ?

Which company has the most Cisco CCDE certified engineers in the world? Of course, Cisco  has the most certified engineers across the globe. In this post, I will introduce you to the second company that has the most CCDE engineers in the world outside of Cisco.


I like sharing the Global CCDE List whenever someone passes the exam simply because it is the most accurate CCDE list on the Internet. According to the Global Cisco CCDE list, Conscia has six CCDE’s and this figure makes Conscia to be recognized as a reputable company that has the most CCDE certified engineers – outside Cisco Systems – in the world. This is a huge number, especially when you observe that even large companies such as Google, Juniper and many other high-tech giants don’t have any CCDE’s.

Read more

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Beware: CCIE University Steals and Cheats

With more than 13 years of IT related experience, I have spent my past few years using my passion in IT to teach Cisco network design concepts such as CCDE, CCDP and CCDA to help Cisco exam takers get successfully certified.

Through my work, https://orhanergun.net/ not only became one of the most recognized and well respected Cisco exam preparation provider, but my testimonials also speak for themselves.

Recently, a shocking news came to light in my email from one of my student – that another website -CCIE University, stole the years and effort I spent in publishing the Cisco CCDE exam preparation book.

The feeling of disbelief loomed over me as I saw the exact copy of my book being sold on CCIE University’s website without rights or permission. But this act of thievery was not enough for CCIE University as you will see below.

If you check their website, you will notice that they are selling the stolen book for $699 – a whopping $500 markup from my original price of $199. So stealing was apparently not enough; they also shamelessly aim to take every penny possible out of hard working exam taker’s pockets.


Moreover, if you carefully read their description section, it becomes apparent that they also cheat their own customers by making fake promises that the book is “100% Real Lab”. As the author of my own book, I can assure that there are no real exam questions as it is clearly against Cisco CCDE policies.

Buyers – be aware of CCIE University’s scam and do not allow them to scam you too.

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CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios Bootcamp

Hi Everyone

I would like to inform all my readers that I have commenced the CCDE Practical Lab Exam Scenarios Bootcamp.

In the CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios Bootcamp, I will share the CCDE Practical Lab scenarios. Four Lab Scenarios will be covered.Of course, these scenarios depict some of the questions in the current CCDE practical exams. They will help you to understand the exam structure, to approach the questions and to pass the exam.

The difference from the regular CCDE Practical Bootcamp (not scenarios specific) is Read more

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orhanergun.net New Design – New Price !

This is a great news everyone !

Now you will enjoy your CCDE preparation much more than before: orhanergun.net has a new fancy design and a new membership price for the most special network design content!

You won’t believe but it’s ONLY $349 per year!

Besides, it means that the investment in your career is less than $30 a month.

Even if you’re not targeting to pass CCDE in the near future, the new price enables you to use DesignWorld materials to learn more about network design.

We wanted to make your studies affordable, so this is your true chance to become a CCDE candidate!


Check sample comparison charts to see the benefits of them

Click here to watch the sample videos of the CCDE course to understand the format

Check the CCDE Course Content

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CCDE Preparation Tips and Tricks by Yoshinori Okayama – World’s first 8xCCIE & CCDE

Yoshinori Okayama

Disclaimer : This is a Guest Post, prepared by Yoshinori Okayama, 8xCCIE & CCDE for www.orhanergun.net which is the most visited and well known network design website in the world.

First of all, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yoshinori Okayama. As a CEO, I’m managing my own company called Root Riff Systems, Inc. in Japan and holding 8xCCIE/CCDE.

I started my career as just a PC support engineer for consumer users, but I got bored with this. To enter IT infrastructure world, I passed MCSE 2000 and CCNA certification about 13 years ago as a server engineer.

But I got bored and tired with the server world with AD, Exchange, Linux/Unix, scripting, SAN, too much unnecessary logs and so on, jumped into the networking world and ever since I keep doing this.

Read more

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Last 5 Days to Enjoy the DesignWorld Subscription Discount

Hello Everyone

As you all know, the DesignWorld is a place where you can find network design videos, articles, quizzes, and comparison charts. Currently, only CCDE resources are there, but the good news is that other courses will be added, too. In addition, CCDA and CCDP courses will be added.

There was a promotion for the DesignWorld subscription. It has been sold for a $499, which is 50% of the actual price($999).

We announced this discount for only 50 people. Although more than 50 people have already registered, now we have decided to extend it by more than 5 days. So, hurry now to subscribe!

Read more

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April 2016 CCDE Bootcamp

CCDE Bootcamp – This is an Online Cisco CCDE exam preparation training.

Probably you all know the success of Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamps and how it has been helping so many engineer become a better network engineer/designer. If you don’t know, please just take a tour on the website. Check the Success Stories, Why Orhan and the Sample Videos.

Let’s continue to our journey with the April 2016 CCDE class.

Please note that, there is a 20% discount for the early registrations. February 15 is the last day.

Come and learn the network design from the best !

Read more

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orhanergun.net 2015 review

I’m proud to be the owner of the best computer network design blog and get positive feedbacks from users all over the world. In recent times, I have observed that everybody has been reading this blog. Because of this, I owe all the readers of this blog my achievements. Indeed, your comments and post views have encouraged me to write more insightful articles on this platform.

Let me share some statistics since 2015.

I published 105 posts in 2015. Two of my top posts – Seamless MPLS and Segment Routing Fundamentals – have over 4500 views.

Last year, 44,209 internet users visited the site with 233,998 page views. This is the first year of orhanergun.net and it is already listed on Alexa Rank, far ahead of most of the networking blogs. Most of the traffic came from Google and some from Linkedin, perhaps because I have over 6000 connections on the cyber space.

I have trained 54 students so far in my CCDE bootcamp classes, and most of them contacted me via this blog. In fact, 10 of them attended the exam and 6 of them passed the exam.

I hope that in 2016, there will be more than 100 students.

Recently I enabled the paid membership area, which has all the CCDE videos, CCDE tests, scenarios, and network design books.

After doing that, 100+ members registered and the number of students has continued to increase considerably.

Now orhanergun.net is hosted on every advanced platform. Working together with 2 proofreaders and 2 developers, I am planning to improve the website by hiring more professionals. If you would like to work with us, feel free to fill the contact form.


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CCDE Study Guide

CCDE Study Guide – Are you looking for a book that will teach you all the topics on advanced technical networking? If so, I would be very pleased to recommend CCDE Study Guide written by Marwan Al-Shawi to you.

As one of the professionals who contributed immensely to this book, I must admit that Marwan wrote this book in collaboration with a number of savvy designers. IT experts who contributed to this wonderful book include Russ White, Andre Laurent, Denise Fishbourne, Ivan Papeljnak, and Orhan Ergun. In fact, all the IT concepts in this book are enlightening! The book has many drawings, which will assist learners to understand network design.

Today, I spoke with one of my old friend, an expert in CCDE, who read Marwan’s book, and his comment was this: “The book contains pictures that explain a thousand words.”

Read more