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CCDE Real Labs/Scenarios

I think it is time to write otherwise people will loose their money for nothing. Today I got a whatsapp message from someone who says ‘ I can’t join your Onsite CCDE training, is there a way to buy REAL scenarios Online ‘.  Read more

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Beware: CCIE University Steals and Cheats

With more than 13 years of IT related experience, I have spent my past few years using my passion in IT to teach Cisco network design concepts such as CCDE, CCDP and CCDA to help Cisco exam takers get successfully certified.

Through my work, https://orhanergun.net/ not only became one of the most recognized and well respected Cisco exam preparation provider, but my testimonials also speak for themselves.

Recently, a shocking news came to light in my email from one of my student – that another website -CCIE University, stole the years and effort I spent in publishing the Cisco CCDE exam preparation book.

The feeling of disbelief loomed over me as I saw the exact copy of my book being sold on CCIE University’s website without rights or permission. But this act of thievery was not enough for CCIE University as you will see below.

If you check their website, you will notice that they are selling the stolen book for $699 – a whopping $500 markup from my original price of $199. So stealing was apparently not enough; they also shamelessly aim to take every penny possible out of hard working exam taker’s pockets.


Moreover, if you carefully read their description section, it becomes apparent that they also cheat their own customers by making fake promises that the book is “100% Real Lab”. As the author of my own book, I can assure that there are no real exam questions as it is clearly against Cisco CCDE policies.

Buyers – be aware of CCIE University’s scam and do not allow them to scam you too.

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orhanergun.net New Design – New Price !

This is a great news everyone !

Now you will enjoy your CCDE preparation much more than before: orhanergun.net has a new fancy design and a new membership price for the most special network design content!

You won’t believe but it’s ONLY $349 per year!

Besides, it means that the investment in your career is less than $30 a month.

Even if you’re not targeting to pass CCDE in the near future, the new price enables you to use DesignWorld materials to learn more about network design.

We wanted to make your studies affordable, so this is your true chance to become a CCDE candidate!


Check sample comparison charts to see the benefits of them

Click here to watch the sample videos of the CCDE course to understand the format

Check the CCDE Course Content

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CCDE Preparation Tips and Tricks by Yoshinori Okayama – World’s first 8xCCIE & CCDE

Yoshinori Okayama

Disclaimer : This is a Guest Post, prepared by Yoshinori Okayama, 8xCCIE & CCDE for www.orhanergun.net which is the most visited and well known network design website in the world.

First of all, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yoshinori Okayama. As a CEO, I’m managing my own company called Root Riff Systems, Inc. in Japan and holding 8xCCIE/CCDE.

I started my career as just a PC support engineer for consumer users, but I got bored with this. To enter IT infrastructure world, I passed MCSE 2000 and CCNA certification about 13 years ago as a server engineer.

But I got bored and tired with the server world with AD, Exchange, Linux/Unix, scripting, SAN, too much unnecessary logs and so on, jumped into the networking world and ever since I keep doing this.

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April 2016 CCDE Bootcamp

CCDE Bootcamp – This is an Online Cisco CCDE exam preparation training.

Probably you all know the success of Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamps and how it has been helping so many engineer become a better network engineer/designer. If you don’t know, please just take a tour on the website. Check the Success Stories, Why Orhan and the Sample Videos.

Let’s continue to our journey with the April 2016 CCDE class.

Please note that, there is a 20% discount for the early registrations. February 15 is the last day.

Come and learn the network design from the best !

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CCDE Study Guide

CCDE Study Guide – Are you looking for a book that will teach you all the topics on advanced technical networking? If so, I would be very pleased to recommend CCDE Study Guide written by Marwan Al-Shawi to you.

As one of the professionals who contributed immensely to this book, I must admit that Marwan wrote this book in collaboration with a number of savvy designers. IT experts who contributed to this wonderful book include Russ White, Andre Laurent, Denise Fishbourne, Ivan Papeljnak, and Orhan Ergun. In fact, all the IT concepts in this book are enlightening! The book has many drawings, which will assist learners to understand network design.

Today, I spoke with one of my old friend, an expert in CCDE, who read Marwan’s book, and his comment was this: “The book contains pictures that explain a thousand words.”

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CCDE Practical Training Demo Video

I have been delivering CCDE practical training for quite some time. Couple months ago I have started a survey for my CCDE training. 134 people voted and here is the results.

ccde practical class

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Orhan Ergun July 2015 CCDE Training

Attention CCDE Practical & CCIE Career Track Candidates!

I am pleased to announce that my next online WebEx CCDE live stream training will begin on July 20th, 2015.
This class will be recorded and distributed to all students for their future review.

This class will not only help CCDE students pass their practical exam, but also aid CCIE candidates fill in knowledge gaps and further their understand of technical concepts and theory.

Course will be delivered over a one month period, 3 days a week, 3 hours per session.
This is to allow the student to digest the information as well as work through the topics presented.
This approach not only aids in your retention of the information presented, but is also HIGHLY cost effective since ancillary training costs (travel and lodging) are nil.
Students may also take future CCDE offerings free of charge until they pass their CCDE.

To find out what previous students are saying about this course (click here).
Success stories of previous students as well as their thoughts on my training versus others (click here).
To watch a sample video module (click here).

What is covered ?

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Congratulations to Roy Lexmond on Passing CCDE Practical Exam!

I am very glad to announce that Roy Lexmond from my April CCDE training class passed his CCDE Practical exam yesterday in France.

Below is his success story and here is his earlier feedback for the class. I should say that He really likes the design and open to learn new things and very clever.

Please join me to congratulate Roy for his great achievement!

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CCDE Lab – CCDE Practical 2016 Exam Dates

Cisco announced 2016 CCDE Practical exam dates.

CCDE practical exam is organised only in every 3 months. Prerequisite for the exam is CCDE Written Qualification exam.

You can attend the exam 4 times a year in  a Professional Pearson Centers.

I am planning to start my CCDE trainings  2 months before an announced exam date so we can finish it until your exam date.

CCDE 2016 practical exam dates


For more information click here.

When are you going to attend the CCDE exam ?

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CCIE vs. CCDE is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by networking experts.


How many times have you asked yourself or discussed this topic with your friends? Many times, right?


I have CCIE routing switching and/or service provider, should I continue to design certificates such as CCDE or should I study for another expert level certification, perhaps virtualization certification?

To illustrate my answer, let me give you an example.


Consider that you would build Greenfield network. (Usually, it is the same for Brownfield as well).


First, you need to understand the business, how many locations it has, where it is located, where is HQ or HQs, Datacenter, POP locations, and so on.


After that, you try to understand how the business can assist its consumers.


It can be retail, airport, stadium, or service provider network.


All these businesses have similar and different requirements,


For example, stadium architecture requires you to have ticketing systems, access control systems, and streaming the game, all of which are connected to the network. So, you need to understand the business requirements, how they want their revenue to appear, and how their systems interact with one another. Then, you will provide the business an architecture to support its requirements.


You may need to enable QoS or Multicast for that application, as an example.


Architecture refers to the process of gathering, analyzing, and clarifying the business requirements.


Without Architecture, a Design Is Just a Guess


The designer needs to understand the business objectives and high-level functional specifications.


In the retail store example, store sales information may be updated with some central locations such as Datacenter for the purpose of analyzing data only, and high availability requirements of the store may not have much priority.


Now, let me give an example that shows that it is pertinent that you understand why a design is important and why it requires different strategies.


A Business has 1000 sites connected to two data centers. (Technically, we call it Hub and Spoke).


It plans to open 1000 additional sites within 2 years.


The business wants to operate its WAN network. While its data is highly classified, the business carries a small amount of data between remote sites and data centers.


The business can tolerate up to half an hour downtime. Since the enterprise has many remote sites, it wants to reduce the cost of devices in the remote offices.


Ideally, the enterprise wants to operate those sites using small resources on its devices. And since there are many sites, it wants the most cost effective WAN solution.


As you must have observed, I did not mention anything technical so far.


All these requirements can be received from the business leader, perhaps the CIO or CTO of the company.


Let me translate these business requirements and the structure of the technical terms.


  • The company has many sites, and it needs scalable design.
  • The available requirements are not tight.
  • The business’s network physically fits Hub and Spoke (Star) topology.


So far, MPLS L3 VPN service from the provider seems suitable for its requirements. Let’s continue.


  • The business wants to operate its WAN network.


Now, we have eliminated the MPLS L3VPN option. If you get l3 VPN from the provider, you can have multi-point-to multi-point capability; however, you may lose your control. This is because you are transferring SLA and risks to the service provider even though you depend on their performance and control.


After understanding the architecture and business requirements, translating those requirements to technical solution is the design.


You can come up with many valid design alternatives.


But you should always proffer the simplest solution.


  • The business believes that its data is highly confidential, so we need to encrypt its data.


Based on the business requirements, IPSEC over DMVPN would be a valid design.


DMVPN can be set up over leased lines, virtual leased line, Internet, and so on.



Since its availability requirement is not tight and the business wants the most cost effective design, IPSEC over DMVPN over the Internet is suitable.


The equipment choice is important, but not necessarily, from the design point of view. The CCDE task is generally a CCDA engineer’s job.



If you are lucky, you can tell your boss that it is not your job


Which routing protocol would you choose? More importantly, do not forget that they have two data centers.


Architecture understood the applications and the systems, all of which the business needs. The business also needs the interactions those systems have with each other at the conceptual level.


The designer will translate those requirements to the technical requirements. After that, the designer will find the best technologies for these requirements.


CCIE as an operational task will translate these technical requirements and technologies to low-level configuration state.


The designer doesn’t configure NHRP, IPSEC Crypto, Routing Protocols, Redistribution, Area Assignment, and so on.


CCIE does not necessarily need to know if EIGRP or OSPF would be a better option for the business. However, CCIE needs to know how links can be assigned to the OSPF Areas, how EIGRP Stub is configured, and so on.


You can watch my youtube video on CCIE vs. CCDE discussion from the below link. Don’t forget to subscribe to channel to follow my all updates.



What would be your design for the above business requirements?

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Do you really need Network Training ?

Certification is cool, opens the door to new companies, positions , maybe to the better roles,you can proud that you have CCIE, JNCIE and so on.

Cisco , Juniper , HP, every major companies have certification program and network training is a big business. We all know that !

Have you ever asked yourself, Do you really need Network training ?

Read more

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CCIE R&S,SP,Wireless,Collaboration,Datacenter,Security Preparation Recommendations

CCIEOrhan Ergun and Neil Moore talked about CCIE Preparation on the packetpushers podcast.

Neil Moore is only 8xCCIE in the world and well known geek and HP fellow.



  • Which exam is the hardest ?
  • What are their advises ?
  • Which certification should be received first, what should be the order ?
  • CCIE vs CCDE ?
  • What is the specific preparation methodology for each certification ?

If you liked the podcast and found it helpful, please share your thoughts and additional questions in the comment , I and Neil will be happy to answer you.

Click here to listen.