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Mac Flooding Attack , Port Security and Deployment Considerations

This article is the 4th in Layer 2 security series. We will be discussing a very common layer 2 attack

which is MAC flooding and its TMtigation “Port Security MAC limiting”

If you didn’t read the previous 3 articles; DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, and IP Source

Guard; I recommend that you take a quick look at them just to get an overview on layer 2 security. Read more

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ARP, ARP Inspection, ARP Types and Deployment Considerations

Layer 2 security –  ARP and ARP Inspection




This article is the second of our layer 2 attacks identification and mitigation techniques series, which will be a part of a bigger series discussing Security Infrastructure. Dynamic ARP Inspection relies on DHCP snooping technology explained in the previous article. It’s strongly recommended to be familiar with DHCP snooping, if you are not, just take a quick look at it.

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