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Hi Everyone,

I would like to inform all my readers that I have commenced the CCDE Practical Lab Exam Scenarios Bootcamp.

In the CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios Bootcamp, I will share the CCDE Practical Lab scenarios. Four Lab Scenarios will be covered. Of course, these scenarios depict some of the questions in the current CCDE practical exams. They will help you to understand the exam structure, to approach the questions and to pass the exam.

The difference from the regular CCDE Practical Bootcamp (not scenarios specific), is that I won’t cover theory information too much. The duration of the regular CCDE program is 35+ hours and the cost is $2,999; CCDE Practical Scenarios Bootcamp is 12+ hours (2 days) and the cost is $999 only.

Also important is that this boot camp aims to assist those who are ready for the CCDE Practical Exam, and the duration of this boot camp will be approximately 2 days and 10 hours. If you are not ready for the exam or if you have a great deal of technological knowledge, this course is not for you. On the other hand, if you have attempted this exam multiple times without any success or if you want to know what types of questions you will encounter in the exam, CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios Bootcamp is for you.

I want everybody to benefit from this program and that is why I reduced the cost to $999. If you are interested in this training, the CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios Bootcamp will take place between August 27-28 (before the Practical exam in 31th of August 2016) and the number of seats will be limited.

Also, you can check 2016 CCDE Bootcamp schedule from here.

This is an online boot camp, so you don’t need to spend any other cost such as accommodation, travel and so on. I look forward to helping you pass the exam!


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