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Participation to CCDE Study Group (Real CCDEs and the Candidates)

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  • David Russell

    I have the approval for the bootcamp. Do you have a page in english for making the payment?

    • admin

      Hi David, It is English actually and I checked it seems you can use it, can you try again ?

  • Umer

    Hi Orhun

    Is the bootcamp online for remote students? I am in KSA and unable to attend classroom. So I would prefer to join session remotely.

    • admin

      Hi Umer,
      It is an online class. So you will attend remotely. You can register now.See you in the class.

  • What times will the days be running? What timezone?

    Do you expect a “typical” candidate to have enough to pass the practical shortly after?

    • admin

      Matt, 6pm with GMT+3 till 9pm everyday during 10 days.

      Yes.For that, I recommend some study resources as a preparation for the bootcamp.

  • rony

    hi, if i am planning to join the training from GMT+10/11 zone, how would it be feasible to join. Please advise if you run in any other time. thanks

    • admin

      Rony,from Australia which is close to that timezone I think always many people joins. Yes it is early morning wakeup for 10 days only.

      • rony

        what would be in Australian time zone in April…could you please confirm Australian time..does it run for 6 hours or 8 hours? is it from 4am to 12pm?

        • admin

          Rony, It will start by 6pm with GMT+3 will be 3 hours long and 10 days.

          So it will be between 6pm to 9pm with GMT+3

      • rony

        ok so it will be 12am-3am for ausrtalian time gmt+10 in mid april….

        • rony

          please confirm australian time as i just need to make sure it does not conflict with my work time..thanks

        • admin

          1:00am to 4:00am it seems. It doesn’t conflict with your work time 🙂

  • Sandesh D’Souza

    Hi, Please let me know dates and time for this. I will be joining from India… Will be ok to know the GMT time. Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Sandesh. It will be between 11 – 21 April. Will start by 6pm gmt+3. Will be 3 hours long everyday. Be prepared to most intense training. This is CCDE !

      • Sandesh D’Souza

        Apologies, by 6Pm GMT +3 fo you mean 3 PM GMT?

        • admin

          Yes,thats right.

          • Sandesh D’Souza


  • Marcin

    What is the price for this bootcamp?

    • Orhan Ergun

      @Marcin, 10 days bootcamp is 2999$ and there are 5 days and 2 days CCDE bootcamps as well.

  • Keith Baldwin


    As IPexpert is now your employer, are you still running this bootcamp until they have one up and running?

    The next exam is in May and I would really like to attend one if possible?


    • Orhan Ergun

      Hi Keith, IP Expert is not my employer. They added me there as Master Instructor although I signed a partnership with them. They were one of my resellers only. But the owner of IPExpert didn’t deliver any of their promise that’s why I stopped working with them for month ago. Please don’t register for my course through them and I don’t certainly recommend IPexpert to any of my readers, followers, friends , connections etc.

  • Asif

    please let me know your upcoming CCDE bootcamps

  • Manju Devaraj

    Do you have any 10days Bootcamp in May or June . I missed the April one by being late on your website .

    • Orhan Ergun

      Hi Manju, There is a 2016 CCDE Training Schedule. 10 days soonest one is on August, there is upcoming May 6 – 7 , 2 days Scenario bootcamp.

  • AGK

    Hi Orhan,

    When you say “Unlimited number of Bootcamp RETAKE”, does that include all types i.e Remote and Onsite? And all 10, 5, 3 days retakes? Or is it only specific type for Retake? If I pay now, will I be able to attend Dubai bootcamp and the August online bootcamp?

    I have CCIE in SP and DC so I know the technologies and have had hands on. But I don’t have real life design experience. Should I pursue with CCDE or do you recommend to have a design specific presales job first.

    • Hi Asifgulkhan, It includes Online and Onsite, all the bootcamp types ( 2 days, 5 days and 10 days ). Basically we will be together until you pass this exam. Not only retakes but also you will get 1 year free Website membership which you will have an access to the recorded videos, quizzes , mind maps, comparison charts and e-books.

      It would be helpful for your study if you have a real life experience, no doubt. But it doesn’t mean you can’t pass this exam without experience, I will share all my experience with you, best practices and design mindset. You will also listen other designers experiences in the classes, thus I recommend students to take more than one bootcamp if they are starting from scratch.

      In each class, You will be together with 15-20 other design engineers.

  • Anonymous

    What is the time in the US?

    • Depends on the location. But it is 4pm with GMT