Cisco Viptela SD-WAN Training

Cisco Viptela SD-WAN Training. I recently added Self Paced Cisco Viptela SD-WAN training under Training on the website. You can purchase it and start studying the course right away.

This course covers all SD-WAN  concepts from basic to advance level. Not only many hours theory and design, but there are more than 12 hours Lab/Configuration in this course to demonstrate, different features in SD-WAN. Students of this course are placed in a study group, so when they have any problem, we support them in the group.

This is key for learning and I follow the same methodology in all my trainings. It covers at the moment, Cisco Viptela SD-WAN but when the new content is available for the other vendors SD-WAN solution, students will be able to access the new content for free as well.

Starting from installing certificates on the SD-WAN Controller (VBond, VSmart, VManage), all the way cloud integration, Direct Internet Access, Dynamic Path Selection, Application Based Traffic Engineering, QoS, Forward Error Correction, Deduplication, Zero Touch Provisioning and many other topics are covered from theory and design aspects and demonstrated in a Lab environment.

Last but not least, guest designers will discuss their real life SD-WAN design and deployment with Orhan Ergun and students will be able to access any newly added discussions, labs or materials in this course for free! You can purchase this course as a part of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training as well. As usual, Orhan Ergun offers you the best course!  

Cisco Viptela SD-WAN Course Outline:

Below are some labs which we will be performing inn this course
·      Deploying DNS/NTP/Certificate Authority Services on Windows Server
·      Onboarding Controllers
·      Getting Edge devices serial file from cisco (using Smart Account)
·      Onboarding Edge devices (Viptela and IOS-XE devices)
·      Working with feature/device templates ·

Configuring NAT features on Edge devices (Overloading NAT, Port-Forwarding, Static 1:1)
·   TLOC Extension configuration  

Working with Centralized Control Policies:
·    VPN Membership
·    Hub-and-Spoke Topology
·    Route Prioritization  

Working with Centralized Data Policies:
·    Service Insertion (Service Chaining)
·    Blocking Applications
·    AAR (Application Aware Routing)
·    Traffic Engineering
·    QoS (Policer)
·    QoS (Classification/Marking) of applications  

Working with Localized Control Policies:
·    BGP Route-Policy Configuration  

Working with Localized Data Policies:
·    Defining Queues
·    QoS (Classification using ACLs)
·    QoS (Scheduling)

Prerequisite Knowledge:

  • Familiarity with Basics of the routing protocols
  • Familiarity with LAN, WAN and Datacenter basic terminologies such as VLAN, STP, IP, Router, Switch, Firewall etc.
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